Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt shares some thoughts on Cleveland's Johnny Manziel

The Tennessee Titans are set to head to Cleveland to face the Browns in week two of the NFL season on Sunday. Friday Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt spoke of facing Johnny Manziel who will start for the Browns.

Tennessee Titans head coach ken Whisenhunt spoke with the media for the final time this week following Friday's team practice at St. Thomas Sports Park. His Titans team will face Cleveland on Sunday in the Browns home opener at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Cleveland announced early Friday that it will be Johnny Manziel to start at quarterback against the Titans in this week tow matchup. Ken WHisenhunt spoke of facing the former first round pick.

"We prepared this week for both guys, so I hope not," said Whisenhunt in response to it affecting his game plan

"His ability to extend the play and then also make accurate throws when he’s on the move. He’s shown that he has talent that way, so those are always a concern defensively," said Whisenhunt. "Staying with the receivers if a play extends is always something that’s difficult, and trying to make sure that we’re good with our contain and understand those are the kinds of things that hurt you"

Sunday's game is scheduled for a noon CST kickoff in Cleveland and can be seen loaclly on CBS News Channel 5 in Nashville.

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