Where can the Titans defense look to have success against the Colts offense on Sunday?

The Tennessee Titans will look to find some defensive advantage against the Indianapolis Colts offense on Sunday, and where could they possibly find one?

The Indianapolis Colts are off to an 0-2 start to the season and have struggled offensively socring points and moving the football this season. Quaterback Andrew Luck has thrown five interceptions in just two games and the Colts have struggled to run the football.

In two games the Colts have attempted 41 rushing plays that have produced just 157 yards. While the Colts have long been a pass first offense, still maintaining a balance is important.

Luck spoke with the Nashville media via conference call on Wednesday and spoke of the team's rushing attack throught the first two weeks of the season.

"Yeah it is, it absolutely is something we must improve," said Luck. "Being a balanced offense where you can run and throw, we've got a whole lot better chance to come out successful. That being said, you know we'll do whatever it takes to win a football game. Whether that's run it a hundred times, throw it a hundred times or a mixture of both, winning at the end of the day is all that matters."

In spite of the pressure he has face and the struggles of his offense, Luck praised his offensive line.

"I think they're doing a commendable job," said Luck. "They've been working their butts off everyday, but by no means are we perfect and that's at the quarterback position, that's at runningback, that;s at o-line, it's tight end, you know it's everywhere but they're doing a heck of a job and I wouldn't want to play behind anyone else."

The Colts have struggled up front on their ofensive line, and the Titans will likely try to follow the blueprint drawn up by the Jets on Monday night to pressure Luck up the middle to try to gain an advantage on Sunday.

Luck and the Cotls visit Nissan Stadium for a noon CST Sunday kickoff in the Tennessee Titans home opener.

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