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What went wrong for the Titans in their crushing defeat at the hands of the Colts?

The Tennessee Titans suffered a deflating loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, after coughing up a 13 point fourth quarter lead.

It was the Cleveland Browns who came into Nashville and fell behind the Tennessee Titans, only to mount a second half comeback and break the hearts of the players and fans in the largest second half comeback in league history last season.

On Sunday it was the Indianapolis Colts turn to come from behind in the second half to crush the Titans hopes of a win this season. It wasn't a historic comeback from 25 points down, but it was just as gut wrenching and reminded everyone that the Titans are still a work in progress.

While the Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck did their damage in the fourth quarter, the Titans lost the game themselves in the third when they failed to convert a first-and-goal at the Colts one into a touchdown, settleing instead for a Ryan Succop field goal to increase their lead to 27-14.

As was the case with the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday, that score is a precarious one and allowed the Colts to remain confident that they could come back, needing only two scores to regain a lead.

If the Titans had been able to convert that possession-set up by a Zach Brown interception and return of a Luck pass- into a touchdown and 31-14 advantage, the outcome of the game would likely have been much different.

A seventeen point lead would require three possessions to regain the lead as opposed to two. No this is not math class, and the numbers are easy to figure, but the mental aspect of the football difference between 14 and 17 are huge.

Yes, the Colts came roaring back to regain the lead with three third quarter touchdowns that would have given them the lead even if the Titans had scored that touchdown.

However, the Titans offense mounted a scoring drive of their own that ended in a touchdown and two point attempt in the last minutes of the game.

Had the Titans scored the earlier touchdown, their fina score would have given them a two poit lead and forced the Colts to attempt to drive into field goal range from their own 20 yard line with just :47 seconds remaining on the game clock.

Not impossible, but a tall order even for Luck.

Reality is that not every drive will end in a touchdown, and field goals are a necessary evil, but to fail to score a touchdown after having the football first-and-goal at the opponents one is a back breaker, and today it broke the Titans.  

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