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TItans coach calls hit to quarterback's knees "B.S. football."

Marcus Mariota suffered a knee injury on a ugly, and possibly deliberate low shot to his knee during the second quarter of the Titans 38-10 loss to Miami. The hit prompted some harsh words from the Titans head coach and players.

Tennessee Titans head coahc Ken Whisenhunt minced no words when it came to the low shot to the knees endured by rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota during the second quarter of the Titans humiliating 38-10 loss at the hands of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

“Very much so, I think it was BS,” Whisenhunt said. “I think it should be taken out of the game, it’s not the way you play football.”

“It’s done with the idea of trying to hurt our quarterback and that’s bullshit.”

Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, who was blocked on the play by Titans tackle Taylor Lewan dove from behind at the knees of Mariota after the quarterback had released a pass downfield. Vernon was flagged for a personal foul on the play, but the damage was done.

Mariota stayed in the game because a player can do so after suffereing a personal foul penalty, but he was noticably limping throughout the remainder of the afternoon. The injury affected Mariota's passes for the remainer of the half, as his throws all sailed high as he attempted to adjust and compensate for the injury. 

Lewan, who was visibly upset in the lockerroom following the game, amplified Whisehnut's comments.

"It affected us and we were just upset, because not only is he the quarterback of the franchise, he's also a friend, and that's something you don't want to happen," said Lewan.

"I think it is bullshit football. I'm so tired of people being politically correct because that's bullshit, that's (explitive) bullshit," said Lewan.. "To do that to a guys career, I mean it was my guy, I blocked him nd Marcus (Mariota) threw the ball and that guy jumped in his legs.Do I wish anything on him, no, but I should have blocked him longer. That's the end of the story." 

Later in the game, Vernon again was flagged for a personal foul, late hit o Mariota when he struck the quarterback in what appeared to be a helmet-to-helmet blow. 

There were several other incidents during the course of the contest including Titan runningback Antonio Andrews being surrounded by Dolphins players from the sideline who were not involved inthe onfield action surrounding the play. Byron Bell went onto the Dolphins sideline to protect his teammate as the encounter grew tense. One Dolphins sideline personel shoved Bell toward the field during the exchange. No flags were thrown during the incident.

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