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Sunday's lopsided loss to the Miami Dolphins brought back memories of 2014.

The movie Back To The Future predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2015, but it was the Tennessee Titans who went back in time on Sunday.

Just when you thought it was safe to put last season's struggles and dispare behind us, the Tennessee Titans jumped in Doc. Brown's DeLorean and sent us spinning out of control back into 2014.

The Titans 38-10 beating at the hands of the disfunctional Miami Dolphins sent a shockwave through the team and fans alike as Sunday's performance looked more like what we watched last season, and nothing like anything this team has resembled in 2015.

So what happened on Sunday to make the Titans look so bad? That's a great question, but I'm not sure there is a verifiable and accurate answer at this point that we can us that would not sound like the excuse-fest we tolerated last season when the team struggled to even be competative in games they lost by 28 or more points. 

Quarterback Marcus Mariota looked like a rookie quarterback on Sunday. It's certainly not all his fault, and it is to be expected for him to have those rookie moments. What was unexpected was that the entire roster would all suffer a rookie moment at the same time.

I have a theory on what is happening with the Titans, but I will save that for a later time. That theory aside, what we know for sure is that the Titans are likely not as bad as they looked on Sunday, but not as good as we were lead to belive.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt has said over the last two weeks that the team is "close" and just needed to learn how to "finish" games. That is true, but at the same time this team is still a ways away from being where we thoguht they were after the last two close, but disappointing losses.

Yesterday was a must win for the Titans and they failed to get it done. This coming Sunday now becomes an even bigger must win scenario, but the prospects of getting that win seem small.

The Atlanta Falcons will enter Nissan Stadium with a 5-1 record, having lost last Thursday to a bad New Orleans Saints team. The Falcons will have had three extra days of rest and preparation and an offense that is capable of putting up huge numbers, Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is playing like the best receiver in the NFL and the Titans struggled mightily against him in the preseason meeting. They also struggled on Sunday with the Dolphins receivers, who are not as talented as Jones.

The Titans have put themselves in a bad spot, and the fans are begining to revolt. Hashtags began to grow on social media both during, and after Sunday's loss. Myself and other media members were bombarded with questions and comments calling for changes in the coaching staff.

I don't believe we will see a move similar to the one Miami underwent when they fired their head coach during their bye week, but if things continue to follow the same path as 2014, a change could certainly be a possibility in the offseason.

Either way, Titans fans are fed up, and all the good will this team had earned with the selection of Mariota and their early season play was washed away in just 60 minutes of bad football.

Let's just how that this trip "Back In Time" doesn't last as long as it did last season. If it does, it won't be good for anyone.

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