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Titans pass defense versus the Texans pass offense will be the best battle of the game.

The Tennessee Titans passing defense is top ten in the NFL, and they will face the Houston Texans offense who's passing ranks in the top ten as well. It will be the best battle on the field when the two teams meet on Sunday.

The Tennessee Titans matchup  versus the Houston Texans pits one of the NFL’s top passing defenses against one of its best passing offenses.

Through the first seven weeks of the NFL season, the Titans rank fifth in total defense (324.3 yards per game). They rank second in the league in passing defense, allowing their opponents an average of only 195.2 passing yards.

Meanwhile, one of the Texans’ strengths has been their passing offense. Led by wideout DeAndre Hopkins who has a league-high 776 receiving yards, the Texans rank fourth in the NFL in passing, averaging 291.1 net passing yards per outing.

The Titans have been outstanding versus the pass in spite of the fac that one starting cornerback, Jason McCourty missed the first four games with injury while the teams other starting corner, Perrish Cox missed last weeks contest and is expected to miss this weeks game. 

How the Titans secondary can handle Hopkins will be a key to the outcome of this game. 

NFL’s top passing defenses in 2015: Opponent Net Passing Team Yards Per Game

1. Denver Broncos 192.2

2. Tennessee Titans 195.2

3. Seattle Seahawks 200.0

4. New York Jets 211.7

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 219.5

6. Chicago Bears 220.0

7. Arizona Cardinals 223.7

8. Carolina Panthers 229.8

9. San Diego Chargers 230.4

10. Washington Redskins 232.0

NFL’s top passing offenses in 2015: Net Passing Team Yards Per Game

1. San Diego Chargers 343.6

2. New England Patriots 327.2

3. New Orleans Saints 297.1

4. Houston Texans 291.1

5. Cincinnati Bengals 288.2

6. Arizona Cardinals 281.3

7. Detroit Lions 278.6

8. Cleveland Browns 273.7

9. Atlanta Falcons 273.6

10. Indianapolis Colts 257.7

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