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Titans cornerback Jason McCourty's return the field is is doubt

Jason McCourty's return to the field for the Titans in 2015 is in doubt, and there is no known timeline for a decision to be made.

Tennessee Titans starting cornerback Jason McCourty could miss the remainer of the season as he awaits a decision of wheter or not to undergo a second surgery on his injured groin. 

McCourty initially injured his groin during training camp and missed the first three games of the rgular season after undergoing what was termed a "minor procedure" to repair damage to his groin. Once again McCourty has been hampered by the same injury and this week sought a second opinion to determine what course of action to take moving forward.

According to interim head coach Mike Mularkey, McCourty has been ruled out for Sunday's game versus the visiting Carolina Panthers, but depending on the decisions made between McCourty and hsi doctors, the veteran corner could miss the remainder of the season if he undergoes another surgery on the injury.

There has been no announced timetable for a decision as to whether or not McCourty will indeed face surgery, or when he might be able to return if surgery is not the solution to his injury issue.

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