The team is still together and working hard, but with each mounting loss the frustration level is growing and the players are talking.

Frustration is mounting for the Tennessee Titans palyers, coaches and fans. With every growing loss it gets tougher for the players and coaches to put a positive face on things, no matter how close the team might have been to getting a victory. Nothing cures the ills of a football team like winning.

When we walked into the locker room of the Tennessee Titans on Monday for the weekly review of the team's latest loss, the feeling was of a team that still likes one another and gets along, but as we spoke with various players it was evident that the frustration level for the team is growing as the losses mount.

Likewise the fans have once again begun to turn away from the team after the initial good feelings of their New Orleans win become more of a distatn memory.

Tight end Delanie Walker has never been afraid to share his feelings on things Titan, and the veteran admitted as much when asked on Monday.

"It's tough man, I mean I know I go out there and give my all but when the results are not there then even I question if I did all I could do," stated Walker. "Winning takes care of that and we have been close, but close isn't good enough. Not for us, not for you guys, (the media) and not for the fans."

Walker wasn't the only player who spoke of the frustrations, but he is certainly one player who has produced at a top level and his words carry a lot of weight with his teammates.

We talk more about the frustrations of the team in the video above.

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