The fans are grumbling and the discontent grows stronger with every loss suffered by the Titans this season.

The fans are growing ever more discontent as the losses continue to mount for the Tennessee Titans

sSunday's 24-21 loss by the Tennessee Titans at the hands of the visiting Oakland Raiders  was just the latest disappointment for Titans fans. They are showing more and more their growing anger over the team's current situation by the day. 

Social media has been a buzz with strong criticism of ownership, coaching and players performances as the team has now fallen to 2-9 on the season and are battling for the number one selection in next years draft. Everyone it seems is bashing the Titans as a Twitter account called Terrible Football has them ranked number one in the Terrible Top 10 teams in the NFL.

The Titans face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday at Nissan Stadium and the team must find a way to win this game and slow the boiling fire of fan discontent. A loss to the Jaguars at home would be the lowest of low points for this team in the last two season, as it was last season when the Titans defeated the Jags at home that the Titans won a game inside Nissan Stadium. That's been eleven games ago, all losses for the Titans at home and number tweleve would not be good for this franchise.

In spite of all the grumblings, fans are still excited about the potential future of the team with Marcus Mariota at quarterback, but they realize that their beloved Titans are miles away from being a good football team.

We examine some of the discontent in the above video.

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