The Titans snapped that eleven game home losing streak on Sunday, but how they did it is the real story.

It had been over a year since the Tennessee Titans had won a home game at Nissan Stadium, that year included eleven straight defeats, but when the Titans finally won they did it with style.

It was over a year in the making, but when the Tennessee Titans finally snapped their eleven game home losing streak, they did it with style and a flare for the dramatic in losing a lead, and then coming from behind to seal the victory,

Marcus Mariota was spectacular in the win, throwing three touchdown passes and running for another.

After a ho-hum first half that saw the Titans leading 21-12.

The second half would prove to be much more exciting.

After a thirs quarter Jacksonville touchdown trimmed the Titans lead to 21-19, it would be Mariota connecting with fellow rookie wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham for a 47 yard score that electirfied the crowd like no play has in recent memory.

Gree-Beckham caught the football across the middle of the field, spun away and broke a tackle as he then raced the final yards for the score. It was a huge moment for the team and Gree-Beckham.  

Mariota poise and calm are amazing, and he would show them both in the final 14 minutes of this game.

. He lead the Titans to build a lead, then fumbled the football when he was hit from behind. That turnover allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to take their first lead of the game in the fourth quarter, but that didn't phase Mariota.

On the very next Titans possession, it was Mariota who put a charge into the Nissan Stadium crowd that has not been seen in several years, topping the excitement that he helped produce just minutes earlier with Green-Beckham.

.Following the Jaugars kickoff and with the Titans trailing 32-28, Mariota took off on a scramble that ended 87 yards later in the Jaguars endzone and provided two key blocks from Green-Beckham and Kendall Wright that allowed Mariota to go the final 15 yards as defenders were closing in from behind.  

It was what the team, crowd, media and those watching at home had been waiting to see. Mariota running and Green-Beckham catching and making game changing plays.

Make no mistake, this is still a football team in limbo and in need of talent upgrades at multiple positions, but on Sunday it was two rookies who showed the reason the Titans chose them in the first and second rounds of last April's NFL Draft.

The Titans are an attractive team for a new head coach, and what Mariota, Green-Beckham and company did on Sunday should help make this team attractive to potential free-agent additions for next season.

Yes I know that ownership is in turmoil as they family of the late Bud Adams deal with issues surrounding the team. There are persistant rumors that the team could be for sale, though those have been flattly denied repeatedly by the organization.

Still Mariota is a drawing card because he is proving that he is a franchise quarterback and a potential star in this league. Players want to play with quarterbacks who can win them championships, and Mariota has the making of one who can do just that.

If ownership can figure out their business and get things straight on the front end, while also finding the right man to coach this team, then the Titans could experience a sharpe turnaround in the short-term future.

However, if management continues to leave the team in flux with erratic moves and constant change, they could waste the chance they have with Mariota.

The ball is in your court Amy Adams-Strunk, and the future of your fathers prized possession hangs in the balance. 

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