Titans Report Card: New York Jets

The Tennessee Titans report card for this weeks game against the New York Jets is out, and it's not pretty.

If your child brought home a report card like the one the Tennessee Titans produced on Sunday against the Jets and they might be grounded for life.

There's only one way to describe what happened on Sunday,  ugly, and even that might be an understatement. 

Absolutely nothing went right- other than the touchdown pass to Marcus Mariota- and the Titans were beaten soundly in every aspect of the game. It wasn't the worst Titans loss ever, it was jsut the latest bad one and the fans who were still hanging on to hope for a good finish to the season are now realizing that the likelyhood of that happening is not good.

So how bad was it on Sunday? Here are the weekly grades.   


Is there any grade worse than an F, because if there is the Titans might deserve a Z for this one as they managed just 24 yards rushing on 13 attempts. That's good for a 1.8 yard per attempt average. That wouldn't win on Madden and certainly not in the NFL. No one thought it would be easy against one of the best run defenses in the league in the Jets, but that was unacceptable at any level. 


Marcus Mariota struggled mightily against the Jets, completing 21 of 39 passes for 274 yards. He was intercepted once on a bad throw and failed to find a touchdown pass in the game. At the same time, not all of the issues in the passing game was his fault. Drops killed him including one on the first pass of the game by the team's best offensive pass catching weapon Delanie Walker.  


The Titans couldn't tackle air on Sunday and it showed as the Jets carved them up on the ground and in the air. 

Chris Ivory carred the football 22 times for 101 yards with a long of 32 yards, but then Ryan Fitzpatrick added 23 more yards on 3 rushes and used them to turn in first downs that kept drives alive.

For the game, the Jets managed 183 yards on the day. To their credit, the Titans defense did not allow huge plays to turn into touchdowns, but their were long runs that kept drives alive and allowed the Jets to turn them into points, especially in the first half.


For the second week in a row the Titans pass defense was carved up, this time by Fitzpatrick who finished the day 21 of 36 for 263 yards and three scores. 

Far too often Jets receivers were so wide open that a Titans defender was not withing 5 yards in any direction, and when Fitzpatrick made a mistake early that could have taken away some of his confidence, Perrish Cox dropped a sure interception on the opening drive. The Jets turned that break into a score and never looked back.  


Special teams is a key element of football, but in our report card it is kid of like recess, that's the area that should be easiest one to score highly in. The Titans couldn't even do that on Sunda.

Tre McBride struggled in kickoff returns as he continually tried to return kicks that probably should have been kep in the endzone. It left the Titans in consistantly bad field position especially in the first half.

Otherwise the special teams played relatively well, but there just wasn't enough to overcome the poor decisions and field position that kept the offense backed up. 


The coaching is perhaps the hardest thing to grade because even the best game planning and play calls are only as good as the execution of the players- why does the old John McKay line leap into my head with the word execution- and that didn't happen on Sunday.

Still the Titans emphasis on running the football went the way of the do-do bird early and the passing game could not lift the offense. Granted the dropped passes hurt the offense early, and that can't be blamed on the coaching, but ultimately the coaches are responsible for getting the team ready to play, and that didn't happen.      

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