The Titans got humiliated Sunday by the New York Jets, but what went wrong that made things so bad for the Titans?

The Tennessee Titans produced their worst performance of the season on Sunday when they were humiliated 30-8 by the Jets in New York. What went right might be a shorter list, but we examine what wrong wrong which is what the Titans must fix.

The Tennessee Titans might as well have not shown up on Sunday in the Meadowlands for the effort they gave in their 30-8 drubbing by the New York Jets.

Take nothing away from the Jets, they are a playoff calibur team and their defense is one of the top units in the league, but the Titans as w whole performed far below their capabilities.

Far too many times there were Jets receivers so wide open that almost anyone could have made this receptions in that space. Ryan Fitzpatrick was also seldom pressured, giving him more than enought time to survey the field and find those open receivers. The tackling was also non-existant as the Jets running backs were able to gain good yardage through big holes and broken or missed tackles.

Marcus Mariota struggled but continued to give maximum effort though he didn't have musch help while Jurrell Casey was the only Titans defender who recognized the Jets formation on one touchdown where Casey chased the receiver downfield following the catch.

It was a bad day all around for the Titans, and this coming Sunday could be more of the same with a similar effort.

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