Fans reaction to the Titans performance on Sunday has been anything but positive in the aftermath of the 30-8 blowout loss to the Jets.

The fans have reacted to the Titans blowout loss the the Jets on Sunday and it's not been good.

Fans have had it with the Tennessee Titans, at least that's the tone of those I have spoken with on social media.

No they are not selling, buring or giving away their Titans gear, but they are tired of being continually let down by the team and organization and with this season long since over the fans are now simply riding out the end of the schedule and looking forward to free agency and the draft.

In the moments following the Titans 30-8 Sunday loss to the Jets the fans reacted swiftly in their critisism of the teams efforts in the loss. Many fans felt like the team quit on Sunday and that is the mortal sin of sports that every fan will leap from the bandwagon if a team has actually quit.

While the effort and outcome on Sunday were terrible at best, I do not believe this team has quit.

Why can I say that? They won a much needed game the week before and their play and certain areas of the team have improved since interim head coach Mike Mularkey took over for the deposed Ken Whisenhunt.

The simple fact is that this team still has holes in their roster with the most notable one being depth behind starters.

Injuries have taken their toll on the Titans- as have they with other teams as well- but that is no excuse. However when you lose starters and the depth is sub-par then the drop off is not jsut minimal. That's the case for the Titans and with the now season ending surgeries to both running back Dexter McCluster and linebacker Derrick Morgan the Titans are one again looking into the free-agent market and practice squad to fill available roster spots.

That's not a good recipe for success in the NFL.

With all do respect to the "street free-agents," there are reasons why those players are on the street and not on an NFL roster. Bringing them in now fills a roster spot but the talent drop off is measurable.

The Titans must address the roster once again this offseason by adding top-tier talent in free agency and then starters in the first three rounds and depth in the subsequent rounds. 

It's a process and it has to happen sooner rather than later for the Titans fans who feel betrayed by this season.

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