There were some good things, but the bad things far outweighed the good in the Titans loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Marcus Mariota suffered a sprained MCL in his right knee in the loss to New England on Sunday. He will miss the next Sunday and more likely the rest of the season.

The bad news from the Tennessee Titans loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday grew worse on Monday when it was revealed that starting quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered a sprained MCL in his right knee.

The injury occured in the second quarter of the Titans 33-16 loss at Gillette Stadium when Mariota was sacked by Partiots linebacker Jamie Collins.  Mariota was fitted for a brace and wanted to return to the game, but interim head coach Mike Mularkey made the call to keep him on the sideline.  

An MRI on Monday revealed the sprain, which is the same injury Mariota sustained earlier this season to his left knee. He missed two games before being able to return from that injury and while he has been ruled out for this Sunday's home finale againt the Houston Texans, the fact is that he will likely miss the final two games of the season including the season finale against the Colts in Indianapolis.

"I know there are questions about Marcus (Mariota), I just want to give you where we are at with Marcus. He will be out this week and evaluated again at the start of next week to see where he’s at. The injury is basically the same injury as the other knee but less serious," said Mularkey. "Again, we even had discussions yesterday about putting him back in, but wanted to be overly cautious and smart about it. We’re going to do the same thing. Obviously, he’s not going to play this week, but we’ll reevaluate and see if he can play next week."

"There is a chance and again, because of the injury not being to the state of what the other one was, and then the competitive part of Marcus (Mariota)," said Mularkey. "He’s a fast healer and hopefully, we’ll just see."

Reports on Monday said that Mariota would miss the remainder of the season, but in his weekly press conference, Mularkey refuted those reports.

"I just told you from the real source. I would listen to where it’s coming from," said Mularkey.

Mariota's injury was not the only things that went wrong for the TItans on Sunday. We examine the rest in the above video.

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