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There's a positive to the change in head coaches for the Titans. Since week 10 the Titans have been the least penalized team in the NFL.

Penalties have been a problem for the Titans last season and early in 2015, but since week 10 the Titans have been the least penalized team in the NFL.

The Tennessee Titans have been penalized only three times in each of the last two games, continuing a trend they have established during the second half of the season as one of the least penalized teams in the NFL.

From the weekend of their game against the Carolina Panthers on Nov. 15 through the games of Week 15, no team was flagged fewer times than the Titans. During that period, the Titans have drawn 24 penalties—five fewer penalties than the second-ranked Pittsburgh Steelers (29), who also played one fewer game than the Titans over the last six weeks due to a bye.

The current six-game stretch by the Titans is one of the best in franchise history. The last time the team went six consecutive games in a season with a total of 24 or fewer penalties was 1983, when the Oilers were called for 23 total penalties in six games.

Prior to that season, 1972 was the last campaign with a similar six-game run.

Least penalized teams in the NFL, 2015 Weeks 10-15:

       Team                   Games    Penalties    Penalty Yards

1. Tennessee Titans         6             24             201

2. Pittsburgh Steelers       5             29             308

3. Atlanta Falcons            5            30              302

4, New York Giants          5            30              216

5. Arizona Cardinals         6            31              218

6. New England Patriots   6            31              312

7. Philadelphia Eagles      6           32               299

8. Cleveland Browns        5           33               398

9. Green Bay Packers     6           33                311

10.Houston Texans         6           34                321

11.Indianapolis Colts       5           34                296

12. Jacksonville Jaguars  6           34                276

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