Photos courtesy of Harry Douglas and The Douglas Brothers Foundation

Titans Wide Receiver Harry Douglas and his Family Through their Douglas Brothers Foundation Give Back to Needy Families in his Hometown.

For Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas and his family, it's all about giving back.

GIving back was something Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas and his brother Toney, who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA  learned at a young age and has continued throughout their lifetime.

The Doulgas brothers along with the rest of their families regularly worked to feed the homeless community in their hometowm of Jonesboro, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. It was a tradition for he and his family then and something that Douglas is still passionate about today.

Through their Douglas Brothers Foundation, Douglas and his brother spent Tuesday- his off day from football responsibilites with the Titans- giving back to needy kids and their families in Jonesboro as 350 familes were treated to lunch and then were given bikes and other toys for Christmas.

Douglas, in his first season with the Titans after spending his entire career with the Falcons made the trip to Atlanta for the event and admitted that it is a highlight of his holiday season.

Photos courtesy of Harry Douglas and The Douglas Brothers Foundation

“I think I have more fun than the kids just seeing their faces,’’ Douglas said. “It is a great time, and something I love to do. My parents instilled the idea of helping others and giving back in us (his brother and sister growing up) and my dad used to take us when we were little to help feed the homeless. Myself and my family have been blessed and it's something that makes a difference for the familes we help."

The mission of the Douglas Brothers Foundation is  “to educate and empower underprivileged youth and families” in the community “to achieve their life and career goals, while building stronger communities that support the betterment of younger people.” 

For Douglas, that statement is something that is a moto for his life rather than just a talking point for his foundation.

“We just want to give back and help those in need. Building them up is the greatest gift we can give,’’ said Douglas. “Basically it’s trying to give them a way to provide things for their kids they might not be able to provide  otherwise. I enjoy it. It’s all about dedication for us.

Photos courtesy of Harry Douglas and The Douglas Brothers Foundation

Doulgas strives to help inprove the lives of those in need and will continue to do so for as long as possible as the Christmas event, along with his other events that incliude a back to school event, a winter coat drive and events intended to help children further their educations take place throughout the year.

"It's truly a great feeling I get when I'm doing these things for people with my family," said Douglas. 

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