Following the TItans 34-6 blowout loss to the Texans the tenor of conversation changed among those who follow the team

The Titans latest loss was a big one as the Texans had their way with the Titans inside Nissan Stadium. Could it be time for some big changes inside the Titans offices.

Immediately following the Tennessee Titans embarrassing 34-6 loss to the Houston Texans to close out the home portion of the schedule on Sunday the mood both inside and outside the locker room changed to one that we had not seen before this season.

Media members gathered and waiting to speak with players spoke openly for the first time debating the idea that this might indeed be the right time for the team to "blow it up and start over" in the rebuilding process.

For several weeks now fans on social media and sports talk radio have bee calling for sweeping changes including almost begging for ownership to sell the teams. Fans acknowledge that ownership might not be in the market to sell, so in the interim they have called for the dismissal of general manager Ruston Webster along with the hiring of a full time team president and head coach,

Let me say up front that I like Webster personally. He is a nice, polite, helpful man who I believe has approched his job with integrity and has given his best to the team. He is one of the most approachable people with whom I have dealt with in the Titans organization.

That's not to say that others inside the Titans organization are not approachable and good at their jobs, it's just that Webster is at the top of the Titans food chain, answering only to the president and ownership and his willingness to talk to people, even if about something outside the realm of football is refreshing.

I never want anyone to lose their job, and even felt badly for former head coach Ken Whisenhunt following his dismissal earlier this season. Even though Whisenhunt had a contentious relationship with the media and was somewhat of an abrasive personality at times, I felt for him at the same time.

Make no mistake, the results Whisenhunt obtained as the head coach were deserving of termination in the world of the NFL where results are the name of the game. Winning is not everything in the NFL, it is the only thing.

Using that criteria to examine the results of the Titans under Webster, one can make a case that he too should be relieved of his duties as the team has not produced results under his watch.

Granted his first two seasons were spent working to correct issues he inherited from the previous general manager, but now that the majority of the roster are Webster's players, the results have still not improved on the field.

One can also make a case for Webster to retain his job based on the fact that in the last two seasons the team was built to the likling of Whisenhunt, who failed to produce with what he was given.

Should Webster be held responsible for the failures of the now deposed head coach?

That's an issue that ownership will have to decide in the next week.

Why a week?

If ownership is going to hire a new team president, or give the position to current interim persident Steve Underwood, that decisions should be made and announced as soon as possible. Likewise, if they are going to bring in someone new, that too needs to happen soon.

Ownership also needs to make their decision on Webster or his replacement soon, along with their choice as the new head coach  as quickly as possible because those people need to be in place so that roster evaluations can take place before the start of free-agency and the draft.

Also the players deserve to know who they will be working for and coached by as soon as possible, and fans too want to know and the organization should want them to know quickly in hopes that whatever happens along with year two of quarterback Marcus Mariota in a Titans uniform might help the floundering attendance on game day.

I've said it before and will say it again here. This is perhaps the most important time in the history of the franchise in Nashville. The choices made here will either turn things around or continue driving the franchise down the road toward a place alongside the Cleveland Browns as the regular laughing stock of the NFL.

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