The Tennessee Titans front office has some questions that need to be answered and sooner rather than later.

The Tennessee Titans front office is a big question mark for this franchise, and they have some serious questions that need to be answered very soon.

The Tennessee Titans have a lot of question marks that must be answered this offseason, and the biggest ones revolve around the front office and some key decisions that must be answered by those in charge of the team.

Currently the Titans are operating with an interim team president and interim head coach and questions remain about the status of general manager Ruston Webster who could be relieved of his duties as soon as the season concludes.

Amy Adams-Strunk is the controlling member of the ownership group and she has been very visible at Titans games since assuming control of the team, but she has been suspiciously absent from any appearances with the media in that time. It has been interim team president Steve Underwood who has been the only voice with ties to ownership who has spoken since Adams-Strunk assumed control and even then when Underwood spoke with the media it was to announce the firing of former head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

There has been speculation and some talk that the Titans are intersted in adding Peyton Manning to the front office in some capacity, and while that could well be true, there has been no comment of any kind from anyone in of with direct contact to ownership.

Underwood and Webster  and Kenneth Adams IV are the only players inside Titans-Central at St. Thomas Sports Park who have a direct line to Houston and none of them are talking to the media. Anyone who says they have a clue as to what is in the minds of Adams-Strunk and Suzy Adams-Smith ( Bud Adams daughter and Adams-Strunks sister who ownes 33 percent of the team)  are to be questioned.

The simple fact is that it is highly unlikely that anyone in the local media has any direct contact with Houston, and even though we have contact with those on the ground in Nashville, none of the afore mentioned team executives are talking, or going to talk until the final decisions are made.

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