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The Tennessee Titans have begun reshuffling the deck following the close of the 2015 season where the team finished 3-13 under two coaches

The Titans have begun making moves as the team announced early Monday that the contract of general manager Ruston Webster will not be renewed.

Black Monday has struck and the Tennessee Titans were one of the first to make a move on the first day after their season concluded with a 30-24 loss the the Indianapolis Colts.

Many have specualted for several weeks that general manager Ruston Webster could, and should lose his job, which happened on today as the team made the announcmenet in a press release that also announced the interim tag would be removed and Steve Underwoon, who has been acting as the team's president for the past year would remain on the job moving forward.

The Titans now must begin the search for a new general manager along with the search for a head coahc, which the team announced would include Mike Mularkey as a candidate to go through the interview process with any other candidates that emerge.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, as of Monday morning the Titans front office had not reached out to any of the top coaching candidates availalbe to fill the opening. Other terams with vacancies have already begun their processes of talking to representatives and coaches meaning that the Titans are somewhat behind some other teams in the process.

Fans and media memebers alike have questioned the ownership of the Titans in recent weeks, and while you can certainly question every move that is being made, the ownership under Amy Adams-Strunk moved decisively in terminating former head coach Ken Whisenhunt and placing Mularkey in the interim position.

The move to not renew Wenster's contract was also prompt and decisive. Will the moves to hire a new general manager and get a head coach in place come as quickly?

Only time will tell, but moves are being made and someone in Houston is pulling the trigger giving at least the appearance that there is a pulse of the team beating in the Lone Star State.

The Titans are a team that has complied a 5-27 mark in the last two seasons and will have the number one overal selection in April's NFL Draft after using the nmber two overall selection in 2015 on quarterback Marcus Mariota.

A report from an internet company on Sunday insinuated that none of the major coaching candidates would be interested in the Titan job because of onership. Another report stated that the Titans could find themselves in legal proceedings with the league overht the ownership structure as the league apparently does not like the way the ownership is devided amongst multiple parties.

A source with knowledge of the league and team believes that the rumors of the team's pending sale are coming from the league in part to try to push the Adam's Family to sell the franchise.

In short, the Titans frachise is a mess, but it also has some very attractive pieces in place to draw a top tier football coach.

The Titans have one of only 32 head coaching positions in the NFL. They have a franchise quarterback in Mariota. They have Delanie Walker, who is a Pro-Bowl caliber tight end. They have cash to spend in free-agency and the hold the top overall pick in the first round, the second over all pick in the seocnd round and subsequent top picks in rounds there after.

To think, and even moreso inconcievable to say that none of the top coaching candidates would not want this job is ridiculous and irresponsible journalism.

The Titans have their issues but their checks don't bounce and given the right combination of general manager and head coach, this franchise can win again.

The question is will ownership make the right choices and begin to build on the changes that have made in the last few weeks. 

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