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Where the Titans stand at this moment is up for debate as the team is still in search of a new general manager and head coach.

What's going on with the coaching and general manager searches for the Titans as they enter their second week.

The search for a new general manager and head coach for the Tennessee Titans enters their second week and there is still no indication as to who might be tabbed to fill the teams two most important openings heading into the 2016 season.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who might ultimatelty be hired in both positions, but news from inside St. Thomas Sports Park has been minimal with the Titans acknowledging interiviews that have been completed with general manager candidates, but none on the coaching side at this point

Team president Steve Underwood stated last week that there was no set order in which the two positions would be filled, though it seems at this time that the team is targetting their general manager first.

"I don’t think anything has to happen first. We have two openings, we’re looking for two different people. We know the qualities, or we think we know the qualities that we want in both men. If one appears to be the candidate that is identified for a particular job first, then we’ll do that," Underwood said. "Teams have done both things. I think some people think that there are some limitations about all of that, but we have had, just since the announcement this morning of Ruston (Webster’s) departure, we’ve had over a dozen candidates, names that all of you would know, ask about being in our queue for interviews. We don’t think there is going to be any shortage of talent. As I said, we have identified extensive lists for both jobs and we are ready to get started."

While Underwood admitted that teams have done it both ways, conventional wisdom tends to lean toward the hiring of a general manager first who then would have a hand in the selection of the head coach. That appears to be the direction these searches are headed.

In the mean time the current staff trudeges on without knowing their futures as they conclude the evaluations of the players performances from 2015 and begin breaking down potential free-agents and draft picks for the coming season.

This is a pivotol  point for the franchise and the team can ill-afford to miss on anyone this time around. I recognize the importance of getting it right in the searches, but at the same time there needs to be closure to the process so that the direction the team is heading will be known and all energy can be focused toward identifying the players needed to fill the voids in the current roster.

With so many areans of need for the 2016 Titans, the process of improving has begun, but in what direction will it go. We certainly hope we find out soon as the first player event starts at the end of the month when the NFL executives and scouts assemble in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl.

If not for the uncertainty of the Titans coaching situation, their coaching staff would have been in charge of one of the teams again this season, instead the team can only hope to have things settled so that their presence will be comprised of those who will make the final decisions in April.

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