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Jay Glazer added fuel to the Peyton Manning as an owner of the Titans talk on Sunday during the Fox pregame show.

The rumors that Peyton Manning could soon be at least a partial owner of the Tennessee Titans just won't go away.

It's happening again. Those pesky rumors that just won't go away concerning the possibility that Denver Broncos quarterback and former University of Tennessee star Peyton Manning may soon be at least a partial owner of the Tennessee Titans.

On Sunday it was Fox SportsNFL  insider Jay Glazer who added gas to the fire of Vols and Titans fans who crave for their hero to become part of ownership or management in hopes of resurrecting the Titans fortunes.   

According to the report by Galzer, some in the NFL want Manning involved with the Titans.

"There is a push insude the league to have him part of an ownership group with the Tennessee Titans," said Glazer prior to the Start of Sunday's NFC Divisional match-up between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks.

Manning and the Broncos host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional round Sunday night in Denver.

Manning has reportedly said he intends to play again in 2016 so any possibility of him becoming at least a part owner of the Titans, or any franchise will have to wait until after he retires.

Should Manning decide to retire at the end of the Broncos 2015 season the rumors will likely intensify as the future Hall of Fame quarterback decides what the first step in his post playing career will be. He has expressed interest in ownership or upper management of an NFL franchise before so the talk is certainly not without merit, though it remains to be seen where exactly Manning intends to take his talents in the future.

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