Ownership Blunder For Titans As Horton Leave

It looks like the Titans have messed it up again, and it has nothing to do with who they hired as the head coach, but how they handled one of the candidates for the position.

Just when you thought the Tennessee Titans ownership might be celebrating the conclusion of the hiring of both an new general manager and head coach, a report has surfaced that sheds a negative light on the process Titans ownership employed to select their new head coach. 

According to a Sunday after noon report from Jason Wolf of the Tennessean, Ray Horton, the Titans defensive coordinator has asked to be released from his contract with the team after "feeling insulted" by the way he was treated when he interviewed for the teams then vacant head coaching position.

               “They insulted him,” said John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which promotes NFL minority hiring.

“The Browns had put in a request to interview him, and then Tennessee interviewed him (for the head coaching job Saturday),” Wooten said. “And they said that they didn’t know that he had any interest in being a head coach. Well, that’s an insult to the man. That is just an insult.

“And then when he got in the interview, they seemed shocked that he was as prepared and knowledgeable and everything else at that point,” Wooten said. “And they of course already interviewed Mularkey on Friday, and they gave the job to Mularkey.”

 This is just another black eye for a franchise that has found creative ways to make themselves look bad in the past and apparently have yet again found controversy with one of their own employees.

Horton joined the Titans as their defensive coordinator on January 18, 2014 as part of former head coach Ken Whisenhunt's staff. Horton received somewhat of a demotion in 2015 as legendary defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was brought onto the Titans staff, though Horton retained the title as the team's defensive coordinator.

Horton will now join head coach Hue Jackson's staff with the Cleveland Browns after the Titans granted Horton his release according to the report.

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