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Ten players who helped themselves in Mobile.

There were several strong performances during Senior Bowl week, but here are our top 10.

As w look back on Senior Bowl week and reevaluate the performances of thos in attendance, there were several who stood out and improved their stock heading toward the combine, but we take a look here at the top 10 who brought the most in our opinion to the process.

1. Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

Perhpas no player did more to help himself in Mobile that Spence, who has a well documented past that force him out of Ohio State and into Eastern Kentucky. 

Spence met with multiple teams during the week and depending on what those interviews produced, this is a player who could make a major leap from late first round to perhaps even top 15 selection. Spence excelled in every aspect of the on-field side during practices and even in the game. He was unblockable in pass rush drills, showed great speed and burst off the edge and has exceptional strength as well.

Joey Bosa is the top edge pass rusher, and Spence won't threaten that, but he could find himself a close second if teams are willing to accept his checkered past, because he's that good athletically.  

2. Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

Wentz looks the part physically and he proved early on he can make every throw with ease. He struggled a bit early in the week with accuracy but that can be overlooked somewhat because he had not worked with his receivers and things were not on the same page. Nerves could also be factored into the equasion as Wentz was very hyper on the first two days and seemed to play better as he calmed down during the week.

His play did nothing to hurt his projections and he could find himself as the top overall quarterback and potentially the top overall pisk if the  Tennessee Titans do in fact trade the top pick.  .

3. Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama

Ragland was the leader of the top defense in the country, and won a national championship. He was the undisputed leader of that defense and he came to the Senior Bowl with a first round grade and something to prove. What could he possibly have to prove with a first round grade? That he could not only play inside linebacker, but outside as well. 

Not only did Ragland prove his versatility, but he did it well. His weight was a little high for an outside liebacker, but he did well and said on day one that he intended to drop down to 245 pounds by the combine. If he does, look out.   

4. Sheldon Rankins, DE/DT, Louisville

Unfortunately Rankins was unable to play in the game due to injury, but he’d already created a buzz nd shown his lack of ideal hieght was not an issue as he was more tan capable of collapsing the pocket with stregth and then having the speed to beet opponets up front at the same time. 

Rankins had a great season for the Cardinals, but needed to prove it to scouts in person, he did that and one scout in particular felt Rankins helped himself more than any other player last week. He will need to have another good effort at the combine to sustain his momentum, but that does not look like it will be a problem.   

5. Sheldon Day, DE/DT, Notre Dame 

Like Rankins, Day is also "undersized" but he had a great week and showed he could take on the gurad inside and even moved outside to defensive end where he showed he could also beat tackles off the edge. That versatility makes himan attractive talent and with a good combine, he could jump higher into day two. 

6. Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State

Athleticism, speed and shiftiness of Miller were well known heading into the week, and they did not disappoint    Miller struggled to catch the ball at times and had some struggled with routes, but that should be expected from a player who has only been at receiver in a major college program for one season after switching from quarterback.

Miller did one thing that impressed scouts and general mamagers more than anything, compete. He showed fired and the want to in attacking the football in the air. He will blow away the intangibles in Indianapolis and will do nothing but climb draft boards, including TitanRedZone as he could well find himself in our next Titans seven round mock draft. 

7. Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State 

Nassib is a tall defensive linema n at 6'7" and is not the most athletic player at his position, but  he produced against the talent in Mobile all week long, drawing favorable comments from the scouts we spoke with. 

He has good hands, possesses impressive power and is a better than advertised pass rusher in spite of his lack of superior athletic skills.  He will be a very solid professional, and in the right setting could excel as a back up or part time situational player.

8. Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia 

Canady is a long (6'2" 195) corner who showed good ball skilss, solid hands and the ability to tackle and defend receivers  He entered the week with a mid-round grade, and while he did not jum into the first round, he could well find himself at the top of the second or third round if his combine performance follows his week in Mobile.

9. Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina 

Adams jumped up last week and impressed people with his blocking and big play ability in the recieving game. The struggled of the Gamecocks passing game last season limited Adams, but he proved his skills last week after showing mostly as an inline blocker during the season.

He is more than a blocker and will make someone a soild talent at tight end in the mid-rounds, perhaps as high as the second. 

10. Christian Westerman, G, Arizona State 

Westermanstarted his college career at Auburn, but ended up in Tempe where he proved to be as talented as his high school rankings coming into college football. His performance in one-on-ones was not surprising considering what he did during the season for the Sun Devils. Still he did it against some top tier talent and made himself impressive to scouts who will now look to see what he can do in the combine and pro-days to come. 

If he can back up his performance in Mobile in those events then he will be another moving upward on draft day.

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