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Titans controlling owner breaks silence

Amy Adams-Strunk has broken her silence and has sent an email to season ticket holders and taken part in a behind the scene video to all Titans fans.

An email obtained by first by the Associated Press and now by TitanRedZone, Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk sent to season ticket holders on Wednesday in which she spoke of her promise to do "everything in my power" to restore the Titans franchise to respectibility.

“I realize we have not met your expectations, and our recent on-field performance is unacceptable,” Strunk wrote. “My goal is simple: to return the Titans to the consistent playoff contender we were during our first several years in Nashville.”

Adams-Strunk then took another step on Thursday with the release of an authorized video through, the official website for the team that showed scenes from the interview of now head coach Mike Mularkey and spoke of the process ownership undertook in the hiring of Mularkey and new general manager Jon Robinson.

In the nine plus minute video, Adams-Strunk sat down with the "voice of the Titans" Mike Keith where toward the end of the video she answered questions about the hiring process, her experience and what she learned through the recently concluded hiring process.

This is the first gesture from Strunk- who has not made a public media appearances and did not attended the recent owners meetings- towards season ticket holders and fans. It is an attempt to restore confidence in the ownership group in the face of media stories and fan discontent toward the ownership and the team in the aftermath of the very unpopular decision to retain Mularkey as the head coach.

It remains to be seen how fans will react to the moves by Strunk, but the results will likely be known in the coming months leading up to the start of the 2016 season in the form of ticket sales and attendance.

The full video can be seen at the line provided below.

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