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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked during his annual Super Bowl press conference about the leagues issue with Titans ownership.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media on Friday and spoke on the league issues with Titans ownership. tumultuous

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took to the podium on Friday for a press conference at Moscone Center in advance of Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  Goodell spoke on a number of topics before being asked to clarify the leagues issues with the current ownership of the Tennessee Titans.

Reports have emergerd recently that the league has not been happy with the direction the Titans have been trending, in particular the seeming uncertainty with the current ownership structure following the death of the team's owner and founder Bud Adams.

Since his death, the Titans have undergone two changes in the controlling owner, two general managers and three head coaches, leading to concerns within the league as to who is actually in charge and what direction the frenchise is heading in the future.

In his comments on Friday, Goodell shed at least some light on the issues as it pertains to the league in regards to the Titans ownership.

"Well, we have ownership policies. The ownership policies are lengthy but essentially they require a single owner to represent the club locally, but also at the league level. We work on the basis of 32 individual owners each having a vote and when league matters come up, whatever they may be, we work on a vote of 24 of the 32. It’s a very important principle to owners and their partners," said Goodell. "They want to know who their partner is. They want to know that they’re responsible for how the team is operated locally and they want to know that their partner is sitting at the table when they’re making difficult decisions. So, we will try to enforce our policies to encourage that type of behavior. We have to continue to work with the Tennessee ownership group to see how that’s going to conform with our policies. We’ll be meeting with them in the next few weeks. That’s a subject that will be discussed.".  

Amy Adams-Strunk has assumed control of the team and has been at the forefront of the Titans in the recent searches to name the teams new general manager and head coach. However it was Strunks absence at the recently concluded owners meeting in Houston- her hometown- that raised questions about the direction of the Titans organizarion.

Team president Steve Underwood represented the Titans organization at the meetings and voted for Strunk on issues during those meetings.

Underwood sumised  that Strunks absence at the meetings was so that she could take the lead in both searches that the team was undertaking at that time. However sources close to the league have suggested that the absence, despite Underwood presence was not well thought of by those in charge in New York.

Perhaps Strunk can now convince Goodell and the powers that be that things are under control and the team is trending in the right direction in the near future so that these issues can finally be set aside once and for all, but until then, the relationship between Titans brass and the league will likely remain tumultuous.

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