Now that the season has officially come to a close, we share some thoughts on things around the NFL.

As the NFL season came to a close on Sunday with the final horn of the Super Bowl, we look at a few things from around the league. mere


The Denver Broncos brought the curtain down on the 2016 NFL season with their 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 Sunday night, and congratulations to the champs and their legendary quarterback Peyton Manning,

For Manning, the speculation has been wide spread recently and even into the post game that we could have wintessed his last game as a player last night. It is the perfect time and scenario for the former University of Tennessee and Indianapolis Colt to take his legacy and walk away as a Super Bowl winning, record breaking quarterback like his friend and current boss John Elway did with the same organization just a few years ago.

Manning has nothing left to prove on the field, and has now tied his younger brother Eli with two Super Bowl rings. He also set the career record for wins on Sunday,getting number two-hundred in breaking a tie with Brett Favre for the top spot. It's a storybook ending to a terrific career, one that even Hollywood would be hard pressed to improve upon.

Manning said he would take some time before making a decision on his playing future, and he earned that right, but it's time. The Broncos won the game and Manning gets another ring, but the Peyton we saw last night was far from the Peyton we have known throughout his career. Denver won with defense and very average quarterback play.

It would be hard for Manning to come back and think he has enough left to get his team to the big game again, much less win another title,   


The week leading up to Super Bowl 50 was dominated by duscussions of Cam Newton and his dabbing, dancing, celebrating season. It was one for the ages and record books as the dynamic Newton took home MVP honors while leading Carolina to the championship game.

Newton was required to sit through interview after interview in the days leading up to the big game, and he answered the same questions repeatedly in the process. It can be a tedious indeavor to be sure, but one that comes with the big salaries that NFL players, and quarterbacks in particular earn for their time in the spotlight.

Newton has not been shy about stepping in front of the cameras and microphones throughout his career. He has drawn attention, and critisism to himself with his enthusiasm and antics all season long, so when he wakled out of the post game press conference abruptly on Sunday night, he opened another firestorm of crtisisms.

We can debate the right or wrongs of his behavior, as many in the media, myself included have been critical of it at times when Newton seemingly went beyond a simple excited celebration into what many felt were taunts of oppnenets. It's another story all together to try to defend what he did last night.

Newton himself has said if you don't want him celebrating, then don't let him score. Denver did just that last night and Newton didn't like it.

I totally understand disappointment. Everyone in life faces them, and while myself and most mere  mortals have never, and will never understand how disappointing it is to lose a Super Bowl, disappointments in life for everyone can be just as disappointing. Yes, I also know that when us mere mortals face disappointment we don't have a camera or microphone stuck in our faces in the immediate aftermath of that disappointment.

Still that does not excuse Newton's behavior. He is well paid and part of that pay is for stepping in front of the media when he wins, and when he loses. I was told by a Newton supporter on social media that Newton was tired of answering "stupid questions" from "dumb media members who never played the sport" and Newton was more than justified in walking out.

Ok, I give you that most of the media never played in the NFL. However that doesn't mean we never played the game in high school or college in some cases, and that certainly doesn't mean we can't know and understand the game and how it's played.

Bill Belichick nor Nick Saban played in the NFL and no one debates their knowledge of the game. Media members don't coach, but that doesn't mean we can't understadn the game. Some media questions are quite dumb no doubt, but not all, and saying Newton was tired of answering dumb questions is still not a valid excues.

If he can stand and answer questions when his team wins, then the same level is expected when his team loses.


With the big game now in the books, the league and Tennessee Titans now turn their attention to the upcoming scouting combine in Indianapolis and the leagues new calander year that starts in March,

Teams got a taste of the talent coming into the NFL with the Senior Bowl where some of the top players in the draft showcased their talents and will do so again in a few weeks in Indianapolis. The Titans are at the forefront of this process as the hold the top pick in April's draft and with a new general manager and head coach, this is a big moment in time for the Titans organization.

The decisions made by the Titans based on what they see in Indy will go a long way to determining the future of this franchise. It is a desperate and important time for the Titans and they are on the clock for both the first draft pick and with fans.

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