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The Tennessee Titans need help on the offensive line, and free agency is a good place to start the search.

The Tennessee Titans must address the offensive line before next season, and perhaps there is no better place to start searching for that help than in free agency.

The search to solidify the offensive line for the Tennessee Titans is one of the biggest issues on the to-do list for new general manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Mularkey thois off-season, and until there are clear cut answers to who will man the left guard and right tackle positions in 2016 those questions will remain.

Delanie Walker commented that the Titans should not use the draft to fill those needs, thus adding one or two rookies to an already young group of offensive linemen. It is a point that is not without merit, and considering there are some interesting and adequate  options potentially available, it is without a doubt an option Robinson is investigating.

On such option might be a two-for-one type deal that could provide a proven veteran right tackle along with a potential left guard, or at least a versatile depth addtion along the front.

The New York Giants released veteran utility lineman Geoff Schwartz late last week. Schwartz missed much of last season with a leg injury. He is a versatile player who can provide depth at multiple spots along the line and provide a possible greater value at the same time

Schwartz brohter, free-agent to be right tackle Mitchell Schwartz form Cleveland is one of the top right tackles set to enter free agency, and he would be a definite answer to the Titans issues at left tackle.

Because of his release by the Giants, Geoff Schwartz is a free-agent, available to sign with any team of his choosing. He could be a valuable asset in luring his brother to join him in Nashville. His price tag will also likely be very reasonable and cap friendly.

Mitchell Schwarts is ranked  as the top free-agent tackle and second best overall right tackle in the NFL by Pro Football Focuss. His addition would be huge for the Titans.

It's a win-win for a team that needs help.

There  are certainly other inticing options available in free agency, but perhaps none would fill two needs in the way this option would do.

Even if Geoff Schwartz isn't the eventual answer at left guard, his value as a versatile backup would not be a bad investment.

Adding hid brother would also not be a bad investment, and having one brother to recruit the other is a draw that would be hard to ignore.

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