Titans general manager Jon Robinson spoke on Monday about teams potential interest in trading for the first overall pick in the draft.

The Tennessee Titans are entertaining all options when it comes to the first overall pick in April's NFL Draft, including trading down or making the best pick possible. .

Jon Robinson made no bones about it during his introductory press conference when he said the Tennessee Titans would entertain all options when it came to the first overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. Those options include trading down to secure additional picks or as Robinson stated, "sticking and picking" a player at the top spot.

On Monday Robinson spoke with titansonline.com, the team's official website and spoke of the response he has received from fans, and other teams regarding the top pick.

“I would say most of the public interaction has been, 'Hey, we’re excited to have you here. We’re excited about the future of Tennessee football,' Robinson told titansonline.com in their article. “Occasionally, they are quick to offer their pick."

Along with those fan interactions, Robinson admitted he has spoken with some NFL teams about the pick.

“I’ve had a couple of conversations here and there. I think it is really more kind of exploratory at this point,’’ he said. “As we get a little bit closer, a little bit more through the process with the combine and interviews and pro days, I expect there will be a few more exploratory calls, and there may not be. We'll see.”

While Robinson has been cautious not to tip the Titans hand in regard to what the team wants to do with the first pick, the prevailing sentiment is that they would like to trade down in round one to secure additional picks.

The question is, will there be a team willing to pay the price to move to the top.

The Titans must hope that one of the top quarterbacks in the class puts up a big performance next week at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis and that a team, or teams will fall in love with that player or another.

Cleveland holds the second selection and are likely to take a quarterback with that pick.They have been one of the teams that have been discussed as a possible trade partner for the Titans. 

Why would the Browns make such a move to trade up just one spot when they know the Titans will not select a quarterback? To ensure that they get their choice of quarterbacks by eliminating the chance that any other team could jump in front of them to select Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook or any other quarterback who the Browns might covet

Division rivals, the Houston Texans along with the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles are all teams thought to be in the market for a quarterback, while both the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers are both teams with aging starters who could look to find their quarterback of the future while still having a current starter to groom the new quarterback.

The Browns havea lot of trade ammunition to make the deal happen and would be a prime partner because the Titans would move down just one spot and still have their choice of any player they have at the top of their board. The Titans could even potentially get a player in the deal as the Browns have been rumored to be considering moving one or two players on their offensive line, an area the Titans could use immediate help.\

The Chargers at three, and Cowboys at four also make great sense as the Titans would drop down and still have the chance to select either offensive tackle, Laremy Tunsil,-who is the consensus pick in most mock drafts- defensive lineman Joey Bosa or cornerback/safety Jalen Ramsey in those spots.

Philadelphia at thirteen and the Rams at fifteen are more unlikely because of the cost to make a move that far to the front, but should one of those teams feel they are a quarterback away from contention then they could be willing to attempt the move, but would the Titans be willing to fall that far and miss out on those top five talents, each at positions of need.

Houston at twenty-two is an even longer shot because of the cost and the fact that if they made the move and paid the price, they would be doing so to a division rival. It is most likely that the Texans stand pat and take the best quarterback remaining at that spot, or in a subsequent round.

Regardless of what the Titans might want to happen, next week is an important on for them on many levels.

They must do a good job of evaluations in Indy, while at the same time also hoping that one of those young passers makes a huge impression on not only one team, but the league as a whole The more buzz someone can generate, the more teams might be interested in making a move and driving up the return the Titans could receive.

If the Titans do not find a trade partner, they will still be getting a potential difference making talent with the first pick.

Then the discussion can start as to trading the second round pick and so on.

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