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The controlling owner of the Tennessee Titans spoke to a luncheon of season ticket holders on Thursday in Nashville.

Amy Adams-Strunk delivered a message to Titans season ticket holders on Thursday when she appeared at a luncheon for those season ticket holders at the Music City Center.

Fans and media who follow and cover the Tennessee Titans have repeatedly called for the teams controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk to speak publicly on her thoughts and aspirations for the team since she took over control some eleven months ago.

Those call had gone unanswered un Thursday when Adams-Strunk stepped onto the stage inside the Grand Ballroom of the Music City Center to address a gathering of season ticket holders and media members who had gathered to hear from the owner along with team president Steve Underwood, head coach Mike Mularkey and general manager Jon Robinson.

The event, hosted by the "Voice of the Titans" Mike Keith, lasted just over an hour and a half where the leadership of the Titans each took turns answering questions from Keith in a room that was 70 to 80 percent full with season ticket holders. 

Keith is a team employee an it was very likely that Adams-Strunk knew, or had a hand in writing the questions she would answer still gave the owner some solid, and sometimes tough questions during her time on the stage.

Adams-Strunk  was very specific when she said the team is committed to winning. She also stood firm in stating her confident with the changes she made at the top, and the two changes she made in hiring general manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Mularkey.

“I am excited. I am excited about the changes, I am excited about the team’s direction,’’ Adams Strunk said. “I think it’s time for the fans to get to know me a little bit. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t make an appearance until I had a good plan, until I felt we were turned around, and then I could give honest answers to the questions. 

“These men are my choices, they are the ones I feel are going to move us forward and get us winning, which is what it is all about. We have to get to winning, and these guys are going to get us there and I am excited. I am very optimistic and can’t wait for next year to start.”

Those inside the organization who know Admas-Strunk say she is a very personable, smart lady, thought perhaps somewhat uncomforatble speaking in front of cameras seemed comfortable with Thrusday's appearance, though she did not take questions from fans or media.

She did however visit with guests following the event where she signed autographes and pictures with those wishing to do so.

 “We are committed,’’ Adams Strunk said. “The first big step I made, in making the coaching change shows the commitment. I mean, that was some serious money to move Ken (Whisenhunt) away. I just thought the changes needed to happen.

“We are going to continue to make changes, and continue to commit to whatever will make us a winning team," added Admas-Strunk. "Jon (Robinson) knows some things that need to be done, Mike(Mularkey) knows some things that need to be done. I have faith in those guys and I am ready to roll up our sleeves and get going on it.”
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