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Jon Robinson is passionate about football, the Tennessee Titans and his home state.

Jon Robinson spoke to a gathering of season ticket holders on Thursday at the Music City Center and one thing was evident, he wears his passion for the Titans and his home state on his sleeve.

When Jon Robinson was introduced as the new general manager of the Tennessee Titans he became emotional during his closing remarks when he spoke of what it meant to him to return to his home state- he is from Union City, Tn.- to work for the team he grew up cheering for following their move to Tennessee in 1997.

On Thursday, speaking to a gathering of season ticket holders inside the Grand Ballroom of the Music City Center those emotions were once again evident when he spoke of his return to his home state to work for the Titans.

“This is home for me,’’said Robinson. “This team means a lot. I am extremely passionate about winning, I am going to work my fingers to the bone to make sure we get there.”

It was during that comment that Robinson became emotional and paused as you could clearly see the emotion in his eyes as the realization that his dream of working for the Titans was now a reality.

A native of Union City, Tennessee, Robinson greeted the crowd as “Titans family”  and announcing “it’s really good to be home” as he came onto the stage along side the "Voice of the Titans" Mike Keith, who would lead the questions for Robinson.

Some fans questioned the decision to hire Robinson, with some going as far as to say that he was hired because he was willing to go along with the teams already made decision to hire Mike Mularkey as the head coach. 

While that can, and likely will continue to be the thoughts of some fans, there is one thing about Robinson that can not be debated. He is a passionate, emotional man who is happy and proud to be part of th Tennessee Titans organization, and I'm betting he will work as hard as he can to make his team a success.

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