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New Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson spoke to season ticket holders on Thursday and shared thoughts on the roster and draft.

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson was impressive in first public event on Thursday.

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson is oyung, energetic and confident. All traits that you want in someone in his position to try to rebuild the fortunes of a football franchise that was won just five games in the last two NFL seasons.

On Thursday, Robinson made his first official public appearance to speak with season ticket holders during a luncheaon inside the Grand Ballroom of the Music City Center where he shared some thoughts on the roster, the upcoming draft and his vision for what he believes the Titan can become.

Robinson shared some thoughts on the current state of the talent on offense where he mentioned Taylor Lewan.

“We’ve got some pieces on the offensive line that are good football players. Taylor Lewan is a good football player. We just need him to be more consistent. We’ve got some playmakers at wide receiver. We just have to be more consistent. That’s what we’re talking about is that consistency on a day-to-day basis, so that those guys can maximize their abilities and show it on Sundays.”

As for the defense, Robinson praised several players who he said "played really well" last season,

“Getting Jason McCourty back out on the field and getting him healthy so he can get back to the level where he’s capable of being," said Robinson. "Our defensive front seven was a pretty strong unit with (Derrick) Morgan and (Brian) Orakpo and (DaQuan) Jones and Avery Williamson. A lot of those guys played really well.”

Robinson and the Titans will now turn their attention toward Indianapolis where they and the other NFL teams will gather starting next week to begin the scouting combine. The evaluations made next week will go a long way toward forming the Titans draft board, and the "game plan" Robinson is working on building for the draft.

Before the draft however, Robinson will preside over free-agency, something that is an important part of the process, though Robinson is on record as saying he prefers building through the draft for financial reasons.

“If we have the chance to acquire an impact player, trust me, we’ll be aggressive and do that. But I think we want to get the mindset right of the team-first guys. We don’t want guys who are just looking for a check. We want guys that want to buy into Titans football. We want guys that buy into coach Mularkey and my philosophy on what this team is supposed to be about.”

Even for free agency, Robinson has a plan in mind, and it will likely mirror what we see from the New England Patriots.

 “Sometimes, the first week there are big-name guys that are going to command huge dollars. They’re going to have contracts in place. Some of those guys we’ll talk to and we’ll see if the value matches what they’re asking for. Then there’s another wave of free agents that are good football players, but are maybe a little more economically feasible for us as a team” said Robinson.

Of course the buring question for Titans fans, and fodder for media speculation has been the Titans plan to potentially trade the first overall pick. Robinson joked while revealing his plans.

“I’m going to be totally transparent with you guys.  I’m going to be as vague as I can," said Robinson. "There’s going to be a lot of smokescreen about `He’s going offense, he’s going defense, he’s going to trade it.’ But you can rest assured that whatever decision we make, it’s going to be in the best interest of the team. The player is going to check all the boxes I talked about mindset-wise, and he’s going to be an impact Titan when he steps on the field.”

April can't get here soon enough for Titans fans who are as excited about the coming events as they would be waiting on Christmas morning, and the first pick is the big box that your parents won't tell you whats inside. 

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