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Amy Adams-Strunk along with Mike Mularkey and Jon Robinson spoke to fans this week. Our thoughts on what we heard.

Amy Adams-Strunk along with Steve Underwood, Mike Mularkey and Jon Robinson spoke to Titans season ticket holders last week, and we have some thoughts on what we heard.

Fans and media alike have been calling for Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams-Strrunk to speak publicly about the state of the Titans and her plans to try to turn the franchise from a doormat of the league into a respectable product on the field.

Those call had seemingly fallen on deaf ears, that was until last week when Adams-Strunk stepped unstage inside the Music City Center's Grand Ballroom to address a group of Titans season ticket hoiders in attendace for a luncheaon and later dinner for those ticket holders.

Team president Steve Underwood spoke first before turning the microphone over to "the voice of the Titans" Mike Keith who conducted an interview sesson with Adams-Strunk, head coach Mike Mularkey and general manager Jon Robinson.

It was a good, and positive first step for the controlling owner to get in front of fans and media and allow her voice to be heard while sharing some of the thoughts and process that went into the selection of Mularkey and Robinson along with the other moves the team has made since she assumed control of the franchise some eleven months ago.

While the questions were asked by Keith- who is an employee of the team- and it was very likely that Adams-Strunk either had a hand in writting the questions, or knew what would be asked in advance, it was still an informative event for those fans in attendance.

Of those I spoke with when leaving the luncheon, the feeling was very positive about the message that was presented by team officials.

The biggest statement from Mrs. Strunk was once again the emphatic statement that the team is not for sale. Something Underwood has repeatedly stated in recent appearances in front of the media.

Otherwise the message was very positive and seemed to indicate that all parties are in line and functioning on the same page as the colabrative efforts is apparently underway to build a better team on the field.

Particularly impressive was Robinson who once again showed his passion for the Titans, and while clearly articulating his plan to rebuild the team, while stopping short of giving away any top-secret plans of how the organization, and Robinson in particular want to proceed.

Mularkey was also inpressive in sharing what he invisions the Titans to be on both offense and defense and the types of players the franchise wants to employee in the process.

Of course the old adage that talk is cheap comes clearly to mind, but the message from all was consistant and made sense in the approach being taken at this point.

The ultimate test will come of course on the football field in the win and loss column, but for a day, the Titans front office was a hit and the message on point.

Time will tell, but the process moves forward as the NFL turns their attention to Indianapolis and the combine that begins on Tuesday.

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