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The Titans are getting what the hoped for when it comes to quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft process.

The Titans are getting the help they need from the quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL draft class, and that's a good thing.

The Tennessee Titans don't need a quarterback and are not in the market to draft one this season, but they certainly needed some help from the top quarterback candidates in the 2016 draft class, and it seems they are getting exactly what they need. 

Carson Wnetz, Paxton Lynch  and Jared Goff are the top three quarterbacks on most peoples boards, and the buzz is growing as we get closer to their appearance before NFL executives this week in Indianapolis.

The Titans hold the number one overall selection in the upcoming April draft, and with quarterback Marcus Mariota in place, the Titans are in position to select literally anyone of their choosing. There is also the school of thought that the Titans could trade that pick and fall back in the first round and still add a difference maker and more picks along the way,

General manager Jon Robinson has said publicly that he has had preliminary conversations about the possibility of trading the pick, and is open to doing so if the situation is right for the Titans,

Cleveland holds the second overall selection and is likely to be in the market for a quarterback, as could the Chargers with the third pick and the Cowboys at number four.   

Other teams such as the Rams, Texans and others could also be in the market for a starting quarterback, though most of those teams would seem to be too far back to interest the Titans unless the return in draft picks is near record breaking.

Cleveland could be in the market to make the move as it would make sense for them to move up just one spot to guarantee they have their choice of quarterbacks. The cost would not be that much to move just one position.

The chances of San Diego and Dallas moving up are possible, though both have starting quarterbacks. However, both those starting quarterbacks are aging and the teams could decide to find a replacement while they have time to allow the new signal caller to sit and learn from the veteran without the pressure of being "the guy
from day one.

Draft analysts Mike Mayock of NFL Network and Mel Kiper of ESPN both have sung the praises of these quarterbacks, and the performance of Wentz at the Senior Bowl has helped fuel the rise of his stock along with that of Lynch and Goff as evaluations of both players become headlines for various sites.

As the buzz surrounding the quarterbacks grows, so too does the possibility that one of those teams concludes that one of these players is a franchise quarterback too good to pass up, making a move to the top a necessity to guarantee getting their man.

That's a good thing for the Titans, and while there is no guarantee it will happen, the possibility seems to be growing by the minute.

How well the top quarterbacks perform at the combine will go a long way for teams to make the decision on making the move up,

The Titans need one of those three to blow up and separate themselve from the others as clearly the best of the bunch. Doing so could make teams more desperate to move up because the clear difference in ability would be apparent.

Either way, the Titans appear comfortable with trading down or making the pick should no trade be availalbe. It's a good place to be, as long as the Titans make the right pick regardless of it it is number one overall, or after trading down.

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