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Dallas Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones said Wednesday that Cowboys would take franchise QB over impact player with 4th pick.

A comment from Dallas Cowboys CEO Stepehn Jones on Wednesday could be good news for Titans.

Nothing is certain when it comes to the NFL scouting combine and the comments made by executives and coaches of league teams, but when the top brass of a team makes a direct statement it is news.

That was the case on Wednesday in a report by Clarence E. Hill of the Star-Telegraph where Dallas Cowboys chief executive officer Stephen Jones spoke to media member in Indianapolis during the first day of the scouting combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.

According to the report by Hill, Jones shared the team's thoughts on possibly taking a franchise quarterback in the first round of the upcoming April draft.

"I mean you have to look at it," Jones said. "You’re not naive to it, but if you have the opportunity in this league, in our situation, to get a potential franchise quarterback, then you have to make the investment. You have to have the patience. You sacrifice maybe that opportunity that maybe is impactful right now."

The Cowboys currently hold the fourth overall selection and have been one of several teams that could  potentially have an interest in trading up to the top spot to secure the quarterback of their choice in this class.   

Currently Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are the top ranked quarterbacks heading into the upcoming workouts in Indianapolis, and the Cleveland Browns, who hold the number two selection are likely to select a quarterback with that pick.

For the Cowboys to get their choice of quarterbacks in round one, a trade with the Tennessee Titans would be the only sure way to guarantee that happening.

Jones also said that current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could be the teams starter for a few more years.

“He may play three of four more years,” Jones said. “If that were the case that is great because that means he is playing lights out for three or four more years. That means we are successful.”

The Cowboys last selected a quarterback in the first round in 1989, when the team, with the first overall selection chose Troy Aikman who would lead the team to three Super Bowl titles and earn a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Regardless of the future for Romo, the Cowboys must begin to plan for a time when he will no longer be with the team. He missed extended time last season with a broken collar bone, only to return and suffer the same injury a second time.

With age and injuries becoming an issue for Romo, the time could be right for the Cowboys to look to the future while being near the top of the draft, and what better way to guarantee getting your man than having the top overall pick.

The question is, will Jones and the Cowboys- whose coaching staff coached Wentz during the Senior Bowl- will think one of the top players is worth making the move up.

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