Laremy Tunsil made a good first impression on Wednesday when he stepped to the podium to talk with media members at the combine.

Laremy Tunsil made a nice first impression when he spoke to the media on Wednesday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. The potential number one overall pick has been locked with the Titans in most of the early mock drafts, and he spoke about them and protecting quarterback Marcus Mariota.

LAremy Tunsil has long been considered the top offensive tackle prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft class. He has been linked to the Tennessee Titans since almost day one as media pundits and fans speculate as to who the team holding the top overall pick will select.

Tunsil measrued in at an impressive 6'5" 310 poinds with 33 1/2 inch arms and 10" hands. While none of this measurements were the tops, all were in the top percentile and that combination makes him a prototipical left tackle candidate. 

The Titans need help on the offensive line, and have publicly stated that protecting quarterback Marcus Mariota is priority number one going into the 2016 season. It makes sense then that a player like Tunsil would be a top contender for a team needing improved line play.

On Wednesday, Tunsil made his first appearance at the NFL scouting combine and impressed many with his comments when he took his turn speaking with the media. 

Among the things that came from Tunsil were the admission that he knew little about the Titans, but liked the fact that Nashville was not far from Ole Miss, where Tunsil played his college football. While admitting he did not know much about the Titans, he knew about Mariota.

“I would tell them, ‘Hey, I’ve got great feet. I’m here to protect Mariota.’ I would put it all on the line. I will give them every play I can to help Mariota,” Tunsil said.

Along with knowing about Mariota, Tunsil said he wants to be number one, and has for a while.

“Everybody wants to be the No. 1 pick. I’d love to play for any team. That’s been my goal since I was a little kid, man, just to accomplish one of them goals, it would be great,” Tunsil said at the combine, adding that he thinks he’s the top player in the draft.

“I think I have the great feet, the great frame. I just think I’m the best. You’ve got to have that swagger about yourself. You’ve got to be confident. Everywhere you go you’ve got to have that confidence.”

Tunsil was asked about the NCAA suspension that cost him the first seven games of his final season at Ole Miss.

 “I learned a lot about myself, just humble yourself man, don’t be in too much trouble. Stay as low-key as possible,” he said, adding he considered leaving Ole Miss early because of the suspension. “You’re going to have thoughts. I had to sit down with (Ole Miss) coach (Hugh) Freeze and really talk to him about it. I talked to my momma, talked to coach Freeze. I wanted to be with my teammates. I didn’t want to leave my teammates at all. We’re brothers.”

Tunsil believes he would be an asset to whatever team drafts him.

“I think I’m a hard worker. I think of being humble,” he said. “I think I would be good to the team.”

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