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The combine is winding down on Monday and the Titans have seen a lot of players and some very special performances. Now question remain.

Now that the combine is in its final hours the Titans and the other 31 NFL teams have a lot of work to do to begin to evaluate what the saw in Indianapolis and just how all that information will be used to ultimately fill the draft board before draft day arrives.

It has been a busy last few days for Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson, head coach Mike Mularkey and the rst of the Titans coaches and staff. However the real work is just beginning.

As the combine draws to a close in Indianapolis, the Titans and their league counterparts must begin the process of taking the information and evaluations from every player that participated and putting that information into their draft board before the NFL draft begins in late April.

It is a tough process with the number of prospects at each position available in the draft class, and each team will use thier process for ranking each player at each position from top to bottom. Then they must rank those players that they give draftable grades from top to bottom to complete their board before the process of conducting mock drafts begins.

Every possible scenario will be played out in the weeks to come before April so that no detail is overlooked and anything that possibly could happen in relations to selections has been played out in the teams draft room. It is a tedious process that will take hours, days and  weeks  to  complete so that the team is ready when their time comes to step onto the clock for each selection in each round.

While no selection is easy, the Titans should have an easier time in the first round because they have their choice of every single player. There is no scenario to play out, or is there?

A trade could certainly happen and any trade made by th Titans that might add additional selections will change what the Titand could possibly do going forward. Of course the draft strategy will likely change once free-agency is concluded and some needs could be met with veteran talents.

So what will the Titans do come draft day?

That the million dollar question and we in the media will continue to speculate and moch draft our way to April, and while we will likely get some of the picks correct, it is perhaps the most inexact science known to man. It is the NFL Draft, and it is an experience that is both exciting and exhausting at the same time.

It wll be three long days of sitting and waiting as the selections role by, writting about the previous pick until the next one arrives. It's conference phone calls with the selectiosn from their homes as they are celebrating the biggest day of their young live and musts submit to questions from media members who are looking for any angle on a story about the new picks.

The whole provess is somewhat maddening, but it is a major part of the NFL as teams like the TItans look to improve their rosters with new and improved talent.

It's two months away and we can't wait for it to come and go,

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