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What is legal tampering and can it help the Titans?

The legal tampering period of NFL free agency begins this morning and it is an interesting time for teams and players alike.

The term "legal tampering" sounds crazy in and of itself, but that is the point where we are today as NFL teams are allowed to start negotiations with other team's pending free-agents to attempt to lure them to sign with a new team when the actual free agent period begins on Tuesday.   

While that term legal tampering is a contradiction, it has become a necessary and important part of life that teams must deal with, but it's a good time if you are Jon Robinson and the Tennessee Titans

The Titans are not flush with high priority free agents of their own that they want to protect from other teams, so Robinson and company are free to be the team that is in contact with other teams players today rather than spending their time defending their own house.

While the list of free agents the Titans could have at least some interest in is likely long, the team will be smart in their approach to the legal tampering and how they spend their dollars duriung this time, we should not expect the top free agents to be signing with the Titans in the first wave of signings.

Players like Vonn Miller or Eric Berry, who would without doubt be a targets will most likely not hit the open market and Robinson will work to find the right fits for the Titans at the right price. Both things he has stressed in every media appreance since taking over as the teams general manager.

I was asked on social media this morning about potential targets the Titans wanted to approach, and while I have an idea, those ideas are based on what we know are the needs for the team and which players at those positions are available. It would also be based in part by rumors floating around the league.

It's important for fans to know and remember that while rumors can often be correct, those same rumors are often times the results of player agents who start those rumors in an attempt to secure a certain outcome for their clients.

Likewise, rumors are sometimes started by teams who want to throw other teams off the track of the actual free agents they want to pursue. Keeping the market thinned can make negotiations easier if you are the only team making an offer to a particular player,

Also fans can get things started on social media by posting what they hope to see until it becomes a rumor that circulates and gets reported by one form of media or another.

The simple fact is that there will be rumors that arise in the coming days and some of those will come true, others won't, but it is a fun time as league teams begin shopping for talent to improve their fortunes next season.

Stay patient Titans fans, the next few days will be interesting and there will be some new additions to the Titans roster. When all is said and done we might have some indication as to what the Titans are going to do with the number one overall pick in April's NFL Draft. It's only 52 days away.



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