Reaction from Philadelphia media and what the deal means to the Titans.

The Tennessee Titana re expected to announce that they have acquired running back Demarco Murray from Philadelphia in a trade on Wednesday. Media in Philadelphia and Nashville have opposing views on the deal and what it means to the Titans.

The ink is not dry and details not released on the reported trade of runningback DeMarco Murray from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Tennessee Titans yet the lines are already being drawn by members of the media in both cities.

Media members from both cities are expounding the positives of the deal from their prospectives with some on the Philadelphia side going as far as to say the Titans are "dumber than they are"  and were "fleeced" by the Eagles for trading for an average back like Murray.  

From the Eagles side they are getting rid of a player brought in by a disliked former coach. They are getting cap space to use to be able to sign potential replacements in free agency or are getting extra picks to rebuild through the draft.

As for the Titans, they are getting a veteran, feature back to rebuild their running game around. Remember that the Titans have not had a one-hundred yard rusher in a single game since Chris Johnson turned the trick in the final regular season game of the 2013 season.

So just what are the Titans getting with the acquisition of Murray?

New head coach Mike Mularkey and offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie want a true No. 1 back who can carry the ball 15-20 times a game. Murray gives them that. 

The Titans want to protect quarterback Marcus Mariota, and part of doing that means finding a running game that even in a league where the passing game and throwing the ball deep down field is en vouge, having the ability to control the clock and tempo while pounding opposing defenses is still an efficient way to win football games.

Running the football is also the most effective way to take the pressure off Mariota by creating  favorable down-and-distance situations. Far too many times last season Mariota was faced with third-and-long situations and forced to try to make plays with his arm and limited help from his receiving corps.

Along with Murray, the Titans have Bishop SankeyDavid CobbAntonio Andrews and Dexter McCluster as running backs. Throw in second-year fullback Jalston Fowler and you have a full compliment, a full stable of backs heading into the season.

Sankey has been underwhelming in his two seasons with  the Titans, and Cobb was injured and missed the first half of last season. Andrews lead the team ins rushing last season and McCluster finished the season on injured-reserve.

Both Sankey and Cobb are unknow while Andrews is similar to Murray and McCluster is best used in special situations and as a returner rather than a between the tackles runner as he was used the last two season in the Ken Whisenhunt offense.

Having options are a good thing and the Titans now appear to have some in the backfield, with Murray now being the feature back and the others set to be able to fill more specialized roles- if they are still on the roster come opeing day- and giving the Titans more weapons to surround Mariota with. That can't be considered a bad thing.

The Titans are hoping that they are getting the Murray of two seasons ago, and believe that his 2015 slump was the fault of Kelly and the Eagles. I tend to believe that is the case, and not just because I want to be a homer. Far from it.

Murray is entering his sixth season, he has some tread of the tires, but there is still some miles left and he will almosts assuredly come here with something to prove.

The questions now become, can the Titans fix the offensive line to allow him to be effective and protect Mariota, and just how much did the Titans give up to acquire Murray.

We will get the answers to the second one on Wednesday. 

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