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The Tennessee Titans still need to improve on the offensive line, now more than ever.

Is the Titans trade for Demarco Murray a sign?

Everyone is looking at every move the Tennessee Titans make, trying to find any sign or indication as to what the Titans intend to do with the first overall selection in the upcoming April NFL Draft.

On Monday evening many Titans fans, and some media got a sign that the Titans would use that pick to select Laremy Tunsil, the offenisve tackle form Ole Miss when the news broke that the Titans have apparently reached an agreement to trade for running back DeMarco Murray with Philadelphia.

Both general manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Mularkey have been emphatic that the Titans want to protect Marcus Mariota, and to do that, improving the offensive line is the first order of business. 

The Titans also have spoken publicly about improving the running game. The addition of Murray is the first step in trying to correct that issue.

The second step however is the same as the first step in protecting Mariota. Fixing the offensive line.

The addition of Murray checks off one area of need for the Titans but it does not chance the current state of the team's offensive line unit. Adding more players will be the next step toward solving that issue and placing a check mark next to that on the done list.

While the addition of a feature back like Murray is a good start, it is not a sure-fire indicator that the Titans will in fact select Tunsil. There is still the posibility that the Titans could fix the issues in free agency, which will go into full swing on Wednesday.

Tunsil is not a forgone comclusion, though he may well be the choice, but right now, the question mark still remains.

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