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Jon Robinson is pretty good at being a general manager

This just in, Jon Robinson is pretty good at being a general manager, at least so far/

The Tennessee Titans made headlines on Monday with the announcement that they had made a trade with Philadelphia to acquire runningvack @Demarco Murray. Details of the deal were not immediately known, but speculation began that the Titans gave up as much as a thir-round draft pick in the deal.

On Wednesday the details became knonw and new Titans general manager Jon Robinson should receive high praise for what he gave up to secure a feature back for the Titans.

As part of the deal, Murray agreed to rework his contract, though kept the guaranteed portion from his Eagles deal. The numbers are $25.5 million over four years and guaranteed money  with $6 million fully guaranteed in 2016, $3 million fully guaranteed in 2017, $3.25 million injury guaranteed.

The breakdown appears to be $6 million base salary in 2016, $6.25 million base salary in 2017, $6.5 million in 2018, and $6.75 million in 2019, and no cost if he is released after 2017. 

In return for taking the disgruntled Murray off their hands, Robinson agreed to swap 4th round picks with the Eagles.

What does that mean?

The Titans held the second overall selection in the 4th round and agreed to swap with Philadelphia and move down just 13 spots in the 4th round while the Eagles move up from 15 to 2 in that round.

Robinson got Murray and did not even give up a draft pick in the process.

Not a bad play at all for the Titans new general manager.

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