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A new story from Philadelphia gives alleged details on just what Chip Kelly offered the Titans for the second selection in last years draft.

Just how much did Chip Kelly offer the Titans to try to trade up into the second spot last season for the chance to draft quarterback Marcus Mariota?

According to a report by Fox Sports NFL Insider Peter Schrager, appearing on "The Herd on Wednesday with Colin Cowherd," Schrager gave some interesting details concerning a trade that never occurred last season. 

It was one of the biggest rumors of last season in the days leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft. Then Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was alleged to be trying to work out a trade that would move the Eagles into the second overall spot where they could have drafted quarterback Marcus Mariota.

A trade never occurred and the Tennessee Titans selected Mariota with the second selection. The Eagles held the twentieth pick and chose former USC wide receiver Nelson Agholor.  

Kelly, now the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers was in charge of all personnel for the Eagles along with being the head coach last season. He was fired prior to the end of the season after falling out of favor with team ownership and management.

Kelly was the head coach at the University of Oregon when Mariota was recruited to the school where he would go on to win the Heisman Trophy after Kelly departed for the NFL.

It was that relationship and the ability of Mariota that lead Kelly to covet his former quarterback who would have been a perfect fit to run Kelly's spread offense for the Eagles. It was the inability to make that trade that likely lead to Kelly's firing by owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Fast-forward to Wednesday when Schrager- who was talking about the potential for the Los Angeles Rams to trade up from the fifteenth position for the right to select quarterback Carson Wentz, or Jared Goff- spoke of what it might cost to make such a move. A move that would likely mean the Rams working a trade with the Titans, who hold the top pick this season, which would be the likely spot the Rams would have to secure to jump in front of the Cleveland Browns who currently hold the second selection and are thought to be going after a quarterback.  

During the Cowherd interview, Schrager, who claimed to know for sure what Kelly offered the Titans for the second selection. told of an incredible offer that allegedly the Titans refused.

That alleged offer included multiple high draft picks and two players.

  1.  2015 First Round pick-20th overall
  2. 2015 Second Rd pick
  3. 2016 First Round pick

The Titans allegedly also had their choice to take either quarterback Sam Bradford or quarterback Mark Sanchez AND anyone of the Titans choosing from the Eagles defense.

That's quite a hall for any team, but former general manager Ruston Webster stood strong, kept the pick and selected Mariota.

The Eagles would have entered that draft without a selection in either the first or second round and likely without their best defensive player as well.

Of course the trade never happened, and while I can't be sure that the terms are correct, it would seem to play into the attitude that Kelly showed in trading away top players onthe roster from the start of his tenure in Philly.

Getting a quarterback perfectly suited to run his gimmicky offense would have likely brought out such an offer from Kelly, but he failed and was summarily fired. Perhaps if this trade had occurred, he would have been fired even sooner.

For the Titans, Sam Bradford could have been their quarterback and Fletcher Cox a start defender last season along with two other top draft picks.

We will never know what might have been, but getting Mariota is not a bad consolation prize for a franchise who desperately needed a starting quarterback and face of the franchise. Sam Bradford would not have filled that bill as the face of the franchise, so perhaps we should say a final thank you to Ruston Webster for his parting gift to the Titans franchise.

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