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We in the media write a lot and often share opinions on things under our subject matter, and sometimes we might need to offer an apology.

Monday's are the days that I use this column to write about some of my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I also don't mind using it to say when I was wrong, or to apologize for wrong conclusions I might have written. This is one of those times.

I owe someone an apology but before making it, perhaps I should explain why the apology is needed in the first place.

A few months ago I wrote in this very space about the lack of public appearances and a lack of direction of the Tennessee Titans from their ownership group, and in particular their controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk.

Mrs. Strunk took over control of the team just over one year ago, and from the moment she assumed control it seemed as though she was a name without a face. There were no public appearances, no recorded comments and an apparent lack of direction or leadership from the top of the organization.

It seems that myself, and many others who had the same opinion were very wrong and owe Mrs. Strunk a public apology in the same manner that we chastised her some months ago. This is that public apology.

Over the last few months, Mrs. Strunk has stepped to the plate in a big way. First she made the well documented decision to fire former head coach Ken Whisenhunt mid-season. She inserted Mike Mularkey as the then "Interim" head coach for the remainder of the season.

She then refused to retain former general manager Ruston Webster, choosing instead to lead a searches for both a head coach and general manager at the same time,

Her decision to hire Jon Robinson as the general manager drew praise from NFL personnel circles, while drawing ridicule from fans when Mularkey was hired as the head coach. Some fans took Mularkey's hiring, shortly after the hiring of Robinson as Robinson being a "yes man" and going along with ownership to land a job.

Since that time we have seen just a small sample size of what Robinson can do, as he has overseen the trade for DeMarco Murray, and the free-agent acquisition to this point. Those moves by Robinson have made the majority of Titans fans very happy.

Mrs. Strunk has also began to show herself to fans as she allowed a video to be produced by the team's website where she shared her thoughts and vision for the team and its future. She took part in her fisrt public speaking appearance when she stepped on stage at a season ticket holder luncheon at the Music City Center last month.

While she did not answer questions from those in attendance, and the questions she did answer came from Mike Keith, and thus she likely knew the questions in advance, she still took those questions, which weren't all softballs and used that time to get her message out to the public.

On Saturday, Adams-Strunk made a public appearance at Nissan Stadium for Sportsfest, an even for the public put on by a local radio station.  The day-long event allowed fans to participate in on-field sports related activities and other events including a speakers series where both Robinson and Mularkey appeared.

Adam-Strunk did not speak at the event, but she did appear on the field, taking time to shake hands and pose for pictures with fans in attendance.

She is putting a face to the name on the title of controlling owner, and she is doing it in a big way.

Make no mistake, I'm not saying I agree, or disagree with each and ever move she has made. I am impressed with Robinson from my short conversation with him, and I like the moves he has made with the roster so far.

I like Mularkey personally, and I feel like he can be a solid NFL head coach for the Titans given the right talent and time. Those re things he was without for the most part in his two previous head coaching opportunities. 

I'm not saying he will be the second coming of Vince Lombardi, but I also feel having watched some of his old games that he was playing with less than a full deck in both instances. 

His record is what it is, and there is no way to sugar-coat that, but with a franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota in place, add to that a feature running back and a legendary defensive coordinator with an improving defense to the mix and there is room to be optimistic that Mularkey can improve this team on the field,

Of course that remains to be seen, and ultimately how Mularkey fares will determine how Adams-Strunk is viewed based on that hiring. Still she did it, and has not backed away from the decision she was in charge of making.

We can fault Mrs. Strunk for perhaps taking too much time before stepping to the forefront, but now that she has done it she is making all the right moves to try to win over fans and return the Titans to the team fans fell in love with when they first landed in Nashville.

Only time will tell how these moves will work in the long term but now that she is in control, Mrs. Strunk is leading from in front, rather than from afar and that has fans excitement growing and deserves an apology from those of us, myself included who called her out in the early days of her leadership.    

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