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Almost all of the chatter surrounding the Titans has been about the top pick, and rightfully so, but this draft is much deeper than that.

When it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft fans have gotten lost in the discussion of who the team should select with the first overall pick, and rightfully so, but the subsequent rounds could be even more important.

When it comes to the NFL Draft that will take place next month in Chicago, fan of the Tennessee Titans have become lost in the talk surrounding the first overall selection where the Titans have their choice of every single player in the entire draft class. 

The vast majority of that first round talk had centered around Ole Miss offensive tackle and Florida State corner/safety Jalen Ramsey. Both players are at a position of need and both players would immediately upgrade the Titans at either spot.

Both players could also be future Hall of Fame type talents and could man their positions for the Titans for the next decade. Either choice appears to be a can't miss proposition for the Titans at number one.

So why all the talk?

Well for fans and media alike it is the discussion of which route the team should go, and that choice will shape the direction the team takes in the latter rounds. It is those rounds that are perhaps the most important for the Titans.

Should the Titans select Tunsil in round one, it would seem likely that they would look toward safety or cornerback in round two, with the other possibly coming in round three. Likewise, should the Titans select Ramsey, it would seem logical for them to look for a tackle in round two.

However, that thought process might not hold true considering that there could be one, two, three or more players who could fall that could change the way the Titans approach those later rounds.

Players such as Louisiana Tech defensive lineman Vernon Butler-pictured above- that could be available in round two where the Titans hold the second overall pick (33rd overall) that could cause general manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Mularkey to change direction.

Defensive line is one of the deeper position in this class, but Butler is a player who has rose up draft boards following his performance at the Senior Bowl, combine and school's pro-day. He would be a nice addition to a front that could look to add another player or two in this draft.

At safety, players such as West Virginia's Karl Joesph and Duke's Jeremy Cash are two solid players at safety who hold second round grades and would be solid choices in round two,and players like Houston's William Jackson III, who has gotten some first round talk, but could be available at thirty-three when the Titans select in round two.  

These are the choices that fans and media alike are not talking about, partly because there is so much speculation involved as to who might, or might not be on the board at that time, but how these second, third and fourth round picks fall will go a long way toward shaping the roster and potential future for the Titans.

Tunsil and Ramsey will continue to get the majority of the conversation, and rightfully so, but finding these other players are perhaps a bigger key for Robinson and company, and the Titans 2016 season.

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