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It's been a while since I attempted a science experiment, but in an effort to figure out what the Titans should do, here goes nothing.

It's been a while since I attempted a science experiment, but in an effort to figure out what the Titans should do, here goes nothing.

It's been years- something like 25 to 30- since I was tasked with, or attempted a scientific experiment but in an attempt to answer a question that has been plaguing sports writers and fans of the Tennessee Titans for months now, that's exactly what I embarked upon yesterday.

Let me be clear, I'm no science guy, or even close and frankly I don't really like science other than the useful things that come from other people who are actually good in the field. My experiment would also not likely be within scientific norms, or even really be considered scientific and my data is not very expansive or detailed.

I also can't give a reason why the subjects who took part in this double blind anonymous survey made their chose as they did, but the reasons are actually not that complicated.   

On Tuesday I posted a poll on social media- Twitter to be exact- and asked the question of people on the forum as to which player the Titans should choose with the first overall selection in April's NFL draft.

The choices were limited to four, though it is most likely that there are only two legitimate candidates at this point. Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil, Florida State corner/saftey Jalen Ramsey, Ohis State defensive lineman Joey Bosa and UCLA linebacker Myles Jack made the list.

Any of the four players would be a nice addition to the Titans roster, though Tunsil and Ramsey are players at two of the biggest need areas on the team while Bosa and Jack would be fine additions to two areas that are already in relatively good shape, though more depth can never be a bad thing.

While the sample size of respondents was less than we had hoped for, it was still enough to get a good idea of the feelings of Titans fans.

There were 80 people who responded to our poll, and each of the four players received at least some votes, meaning that there are is more than one scenario for which the Titans might explore.

While Tunsil has been the presumed favorite to be the Titans top pick, our respondents chose Ramsey by a wide margin of 23%.

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Ramsey being the top choice is not a surprise as he would be our top choice as well, if it were not for the gamble associated with selecting him and passing on Tunsil. What was surprising is the margin of victory.

Both Ramsey and Tunsil have the potential to be a generational type talent, and to be stalwarts at their positions for years to come, so neither could be considered a bad choice.

However, there is a bit of a gamble associated with selecting Ramsey. In doing so, the Titans will be passing on a franchise left tackle for an offensive line that needs at least a right tackle and potentially a left guard.

Selecting Ramsey would mean that the Titan are likely gambling that one of the top tackles would slide to the second round where they could select him with the 33rd overall pick in the second round.

Should the Titans win that gamble and be able to select a first round talent in round two, or get the best second round tackle talent available, then it is a win-win. They would fill their two biggest needs with two outstanding players. Those selections then allow the Titans to use their other six selections to fill needs or depth to further improve their roster.

There are also scenarios where the Titans could select either Bosa or Jack, though more complicated and assuming of even more risk of missing out on filling those two most pressing needs.

There is also the possibility that the Titans are satisfied and willing to allow a player currently on the roster to step in at safety. Daimion Stafford and Marqueston Huff have spent time at safety and could be options to fill that position thus allowing the team to select Tunsil and use the remaining seven selections on other areas.

So in conclusion, it would seem like our experiment proved that the fans want Ramsey, but there really wasn't much science involved- and I was never any good at it anyway- and we are still 35 days away from finding the answer and putting this one to bed for ever.

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