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With all the talk of Tunsil or Ramsey surrounding the Tennessee Titans, the second round pick will be just as important.

When looking at the 2016 NFL draft for the Tennessee Titans, most of the intrigue, speculation and talk has surrounded the first overall pick. While the top pick is very important because of the talent associated with a player at that position, the second round pick might be even more important.

The Tennessee Titans have been one of the most talked about teams this draft cycle, and with good reason. Anytime you hold the first overall selection in any draft year you wield a certain amount of power over the entire first round. 

Most teams go into the first round with a player they want most of all with that player being determined by where they sit in round one. You can't expect to get the best player in the draft if you are sitting fifteenth in the draft order, but you can expect to get a very good player at a position of need. Teams just have to determine who the best player at a position of need for their team that might be there when they hit the clock.

Every now and then a team will jump off the perceived script and select a player no one had them associated with and all of a sudden a player once thought to be out of their reach might suddenly be in play.

While I don't believe that will be the case with the Titans if they stay at number one, it could come into play should the Titans find themselves in another position following a trade down.

In a "stick and pick" scenario it would seem almost a certainty that the Titans will choose between tackle Laremy Tunsil or corner/safety Jalen Ramsey. Either one would fill a position of need.    

While either of those players would seem to be excellent choices and fill a position of dire need for the franchise, depending on which position is filled, it will still leave the other needing attention.

There has been some talk surrounding the second round pick-number thirty-three overall- but most have come from mock drafts where mocker like myself speculate as to who might be available when the Titans hit the clock for the second pick of the second round.

That second round pick, though not as glamorous is likely going to be as important if not more so than the first one.

Either Tunsil or Ramsey are expected to be solid, day-one contributors who will step in and start as soon as they sign their contract. Such was the cast for last years Titans number one Marcus Mariota

The second player comes with similar hopes, but often are not players who step in on day one. Last year's number two selection Dorial Green-Beckham took some time before he found himself on the field in an increased role. There are still questions about DGB heading into year number two that he will have to answer for the new coaching staff.

This years second round pick might not have that same luxury.

Take for instance the scenario where the Titans select Ramsey at number one. In that case the prevailing wisdom says the Titans will look for a tackle then in round two. If that is the case, or if the Titans take a tackle in an even later round, that player is going to be counted on to step in from day one and fill the void on the right side.

Taking a tackle at thirty-three would be the route I would go if Ramsey were the man at the top. That means that whomever that tackle is will be my intended starting right tackle day one.

That's a lot of pressure for a second round rookie who will be tasked with blocking J.J. Watt and others to protect Mariota.

At the same time, should the Titans go Tunsil at number one, the immediate pressure to select a safety at thirty-three might not be as great as the safety class is quite deep and there could be a player in the second round that might have slipped and might draw the Titans attention at another position. 

The Titans also signed former Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson in free agency, meaning that a rookie safety might not be forced into a starting role immediately.

Still any player taken in the second round, regardless of position will be expected to be an immediate contributor at some level. The Titans need help throughout the roster and that's means number thirty-three must be ready to go day one.

So who will the Titans select in round two?

Good question, and one that we will know the answer to in 21 days.

Whomever they are, they better be ready to play.

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