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It looks like the Tennessee Titans will have a decision to make when it comes to trading the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

It looks like the Tennessee Titans will have a decision to make when it comes to trading the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, as there is at least one team with serious interest in acquiring the top pick.

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson spoke of the possibility that the team might trade the first overall selection in this month's upcoming NFL draft on his first day with the team. He has fielded similar questions about it in every appearance and interview since.

Now however, it seems that he and the rest of the Titans brain-trust might actually have to say yes or no to a trade.

In an article published on Wednesday byJohn Glennon of The Tennessean, Robinson admitted that things are heating up as multiple teams have been rumored to have inquired about the potential for a trade.

“I would say that with each day we inch closer to the draft, the discussions probably become a little bit more serious, if you will,” Robinson told Glennon. “That’s something we’re going back and forth with. Do we stay put with where we’re at, or do we really entertain the thought of moving? 

“I would say the interest has increased some. I wouldn’t say there are 31 teams calling, but there are certainly teams that have interest in moving up.”

According to one source who spoke with TitanRedZone on Friday, Robinson might indeed have to seriously consider a trade offer as it seems at least one team is " feverishly trying to get the #1 pick."

Per multiple sources, the San Francisco 49ers are working to try to acquire the first overall selection from Robinson and the Titans. San Francisco currently holds the seventh selection in the drafts first round, and a move seven to one should demand a hefty return for the Titans.    

Chip Kelly, who last season was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was the center of much speculation surrounding his interest in a trade involving the Titans that would have landed current Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota with Kelly and the Eagles. It's ironic that Kelly, now the head coach of the 49ers is once again this season involved in rumors of a possible trade between his new team and the Titans.

Terms of a potential offer from the 49ers were not immediately know, but according to the sources, 49ers general manager Trent Balke and Kelly are willing to make an offer that "should make the Titans seriously consider trading the pick."

Robinson has made a big move already in the infancy of his tenure as the team's general manager by trading for running back DeMarco Murray. Trading the first overall pick could potentially be an even bigger move in Robinson's first season with the Titans.

"In the end, there will be several discussions with everyone in the organization. It ultimately fall upon me, but we will have several discussions," said Robinson in the Glennon interview. “There will be valued input from a lot of people, but this is a decision the Tennessee Titans are making, not that I’m making.”

While there is no indication that the Titans will move the pick, an offer that includes multiple selections in this, or next years draft could go a long way to helping Robinson and the Titans rework the roster sooner rather than later.

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