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The draft is getting closer, as is the start of the Titans off-season schedule.

Rumors, speculation and plain old guessing has become the daily activity as draft day approaches. So where do things stand now that the NFL draft is mere days away?

The 2016 NFL Draft begins on April 28, and the Tennessee Titans are on the clock with the first overall selection and there are possibly two big decisions to be made.

One, who should the Titans select at number one, and two, should the Titans trade the pick, move down in the first round and secure more selections in the process.

Rumor has it that the Titans have received a solid offer from at least one teams-though speculation continues as to which team has in fact made the offer- to trade the top pick and move down in round one. The two leading candidates that are thought to have made the offer are both teams that have or had a relationship with Chip Kelly as their head coach in the last two season.

Kelly's former team, the Philadelphia Eagles are the team having been mentioned first by national media, though TitanRedZone has learned from sources that his former team, the San Francisco 49ers are working "fevorishly" to acquire the top pick.

San Francisco currently holds the seventh selection, Philadelphia the eighth, meaning that a trade with either organization would still leave the Titans inside the top ten and in position to get a true difference maker with that first selection as there are thought to be only eight players who are in a top tier, while others who also have first round grades are a step below those top eight.

While trading down to the seventh or eighth position would likely remove both Laremy Tunsil or Jalen Ramsey from contention for the Titans, Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley is a viable option in either of those spots. He is thought by some to be the equal, or better of Tunsil.

Likewise cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III is also someone who could be a target in that range, as could four to five more players.

It's not the worst position the Titans could find themselves in, especially if there are a considerable amount of additional picks, and possibly a current NFL player included in the potential package.

While those speculations will continue right up to the start of the draft, fans will continue to guess and hope as to where the Titans might turn when their officially on the clock.

Fans have been in a fever since the hiring of general manager Jon Robinson and the anticipation of what he might do in his first draft in control of the Titans. This is the most excitement that this fan base has shown in recent years, including last season when it was obvious that the Titans were going to take a quarterback in Jameis Winston or their eventual choice in Marcus Mariota

Mariota provided a spark of excitement last training camp that carried over despite the 3-13 season he and the team produced.

Fans can see his potential and know that with an improved roster the Titans now have their quarterback to lead the team going forward, and this draft will allow the team to add pieces to that puzzle to help Mariota reach his potential.

The trade for DeMarco Murray where Robinson simply swapped position in one draft round also helped fuel fan excitement, and the potential of adding a true difference maker in a few days is continuing to fuel that flame.

Titans players have been working on their own during their off time, but as the start of the official off-season program approaches- April 18 is the date when Titans players will report to St. Thomas Sports Park to begin working together- Mariota and his receivers have already returned to Nashville and begun working out and throwing together to build chemistry heading into the season.

It's a small thing, but a big step for Mariota in becoming the official leader of this team and for his teammates to join in and follow that direction.

There are still some issues to be resolved before the Titans could possibly be considered a playoff contender, but things are looking up in multiple areas and the anticipation will only continue to grow if the Titans have a homerun draft in sixteen days.

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