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With the talk surrounding the potential drafting of a tackle in the first round, people have overlooked, or forgotten the need at guard.

With the talk surrounding the potential that the Tennessee Titans might be drafting of a tackle in the first round, people have overlooked, or forgotten the need the teams still has at left guard. Could the answer to that need already be on the roster?

The Tennessee Titans have been at the center of much speculation concerning the first overall selection in this months' upcoming NFL Draft as to whether they would select Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil or Florida State cornerback/safety Jalen Ramsey at number one and look to fill their need at tackle in subsequent rounds. 

Though the decision is an important one, and tackle is definitely a position that must be addressed, the Titans also have a rather large hole to fill at left guard as well.

That hole has been almost forgotten among the speculation surrounding Tunsil, and while tackle might be a more pressing need, finding a suitable player to man that left guard spot is just as crucial.  

The Titans entertained veteran Broncos guard Luis Vasquez earlier in the free-agency period, but no deal has been made, and might not before the start of the draft, if at all. There are questions about Vasquez knee that has been injured and cost him playing time. 

Without the addition of a free-agent to fill that spot, the Titans will enter training camp with three current options already on the roster in second year pros Jeremiah PoutasiQuinton Spain, or veteran right tackle Byron Bell.

Bell spent time at left guard for the Titans last season as he shuffled about because of injuries and inconsistent play at right tackle. He could once again slide inside, though general manager Jon Robinson stated following Bell's resigning with the team that he was being signed as a right tackle.

If Bell is not an option right now, that leaves Poutasi and Spain as current roster options.

Poutasi struggled with speed rushers off the edge last season as a right tackle, but is a huge, physical mauler type who mane believe is a perfect fit for guard. Though he worked at the position late last season, he has no experience in live action in the NFL to this point.

Spain, who was an undrafted free-agent from West Virginia appeared in seven games, starting six for the Titans at left guard in his rookie season last year.

Spain played well during his time as a starter, thought there could still possibly be an upgrade at that spot, or Spain might be able to solidify himself in camp.

The Titans might also look to add another candidate at the position via the draft, though the thought of having two rookies starting on this offensive line is not ideal for head coach Mike Mularkey and offensive line coach Russ Grimm.

Though drafting to fill the spot is an option, it would seem that either Spain, or Poutasi would be able to fill the need and have at least some NFL starting experience, if not at that position.

It's a tough choice for the Titans to make, and one that will be every bit as important as the decision that must be made at tackle.

Solidifying the offensive line is job one, so it seems that the Titans have two positions to fill to accomplish that objective.

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