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As if the silly season before the NFL draft wasn't crazy enough, now comes a rumor that the Browns might be in the market to trade down.

A new report says the Cleveland Browns are possibly looking to trade the second pick in the upcoming NFL draft, a move that could hurt the Tennessee Titans chances of trading the top selection.

Twitted might just be the ruination of the sports world, and on Tuesday night the Tennessee Titans got some news via the social network platform that just might have caused general manager Jon Robinson a sleepless night.

Per Lance Zierlien, NFL draft analyst for , reported that the Cleveland Browns could be in the market to trade out of the second spot in the upcoming draft.

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The Browns are more than just a quarterback away from contention and much like the Titans, trading down and acquiring more selections would aid in the reworking of the roster sooner, rather than later. 

Conventional wisdom among league sources is that momentum is beginning to build with some teams who want the opportunity to select quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. The Titans have reportedly been in contact and have allegedly received a solid offer for the top pick as it had been long assumed that the Browns would take a quarterback with the second pick.

Now according to multiple reports, the Browns could look to select a quarterback in the second round and trade number two for additional picks.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are the teams that have been mentioned to be in the trade market for a quarterback at the top of the draft, with the Eagles believed to be the team that has made the solid offer to the Titans, though sources tell TitanRedZone that the 49ers have been working "feverishly" to acquire the top pick.

The possibility of Cleveland looking to trade down could throw a wrench into the efforts of Robinson and the Titans to build a market to trade the top pick.

For instance, if the rumors are true and the Browns are in the mood to trade down, teams might well wait till the Titans are on the clock and look to leverage them against the Browns trade offer in an attempt to pay a lower price for the top pick. A bidding war in 15 minutes might not play to the Titans advantage in that scenario.

Likewise teams knowing that the Titans will not draft a quarterback at number one, might simply deal with Cleveland thus leaving the Titans stuck at the top.

Being stuck at the top is certainly not a bad thing as both Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey will be available there, but if the Titans are resigned to trading down for more picks, this news could certainly complicate that effort.

On the other hand, it could also create an urgency for one team to still jump to the top to assure they get their man even if someone else should strike a deal with the Browns.

It's definitely the silly season before the draft for the NFL, and I for one will be happy when the draft has come and gone and we can write more about the players selected, and less about the rumors and possibilities of moves the teams might, or might not make.

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