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Jon Robinson is a very good poker player, and he is also good at keeping a secret as we found out once again on Thursday morning.

The Tennessee Titans have been the most popular team in the NFL in recent days and Jon Robinson has apparently been busy because of that popularity. Now that the Titans have traded away the first overall pick, will that popularity subside.

It's been a hectic first three months on the job for new Tennessee Titans general manager, who has done his best to make good on the comments he made during his introductory press conference.

Included in his comments was the promise to change the Titans team and he took a big step toward that end on Tursday,

“Three months ago, when I came here, we talked about rolling our sleeves up and changing this football team. Today marks another step in that direction,”  said Robinson. 

Robinson admitted on Thursday during the Titans morning press conference to announce the blockbuster trade of the top overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft to the Los Angles Rams that there were other teams interested in trading for the pick, though he stopped short of naming names.

Asked how many other teams besides the Rams gave the Titans “solid offers,” Robinson answered, “I would say a couple.”

Speculation in recent days surrounding a potential trade by the Titans of that number one pick included both Philadelphia and San Francisco as having possible interest in moving up to the top spot in an attempt to select their choice of quarterbacks.

While no details of their possible offers were every made public, those two teams currently hold the seventh and eighth spots in round one, meaning that the Rams would have to have paid a higher price - which they obviously did - to secure the trade that occurred Thursday.

No sitting at No. 15 overall, Robinson shared his thoughts on the depth of this draft class.

“This is a pretty deep draft at various positions, so there will most certainly be a good football player at No. 15," said Robinson.

That same depth should also bode well for the Titans in the second round, where they currently have three selections (Nos. 33, 43, 45) and could fill several holes on the roster in just two rounds.

Likewise, those same picks could be used as draft "currency," as Robinson eluded to in regard to possibly making other trades in the draft.

“We’ve got six picks now in the top 76,” Robinson said. “It definitely gives us a chance to strategize, if you will, with those picks.”

Could part of that strategy include more trades? 

Robinson stopped short of specific details, but he hinted at the possibility when he said "my phone still works" in reference to other possible moves.

Having trained under Bill Belichick in New England, Robinson learned the art of stockpiling draft picks, a lesson he obviously learned well and is now implementing with the Titans.   

“In my time in New England, Bill (Belichick) … and the decision makers there, they tried to maximize value. They wanted to try to get as competitive a roster as possible and acquire good football players," said Robinson. "That’s the philosophy and the team-building process that I cut my teeth on, and I’m taking the same approach (here). It’s worked out pretty well for them up there.” .

The Titans now have a stash of picks heading into April 28 and the start of the NFL draft, proving Robinson learned one lesson from Belichick. Now he must enter the draft and prove he learned how to evaluate talent as well.

If he succeeds on that as he has in other areas, the Titans could be sitting pretty sooner, rather than later,

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